Friday, July 20, 2007


My brain is numb.
El Topo has had a night of complete mayhem.

Last night Sinn, Captain Jack and I were out in Tempe, Az.

Because of a mix up of Sinn's use of Spanish language, we got to the bar late.
And upon setting foot outside of the cab god's fury came down upon us in terms of rain and dust storm.

The bar is half outside so the whole place is in chaos with the crazy ass rain.
I t takes a while to get warmed up but the Phoenix girls open up very well.

The night builds and the drinking continues. I become more of an asshole.
I notice and IOI and open right away. Which is always hard, but I think the drunkenness helped.
Two HB Heroin girls congealing on the dance floor.
Sets that are a dancing are taboo, but if you do it you have to be bold.
I stay in for a while but Tempe women are hot, so I am not yet ready to settle down with a set tonight.

I somehow end up with a girl looking at me again so I open her up.
"you look like I need a drink"
don't know the effectiveness of this opener, but I needed a drink and she looked like she needed one two.
She opened up, and we got a drink.

We bounced around the club and ended upstairs with her whole group.
I was fucking in deep, but then the obstacles come.
Her brother, his wife, and two other's, a guy and a girl.

Immediately they distract her and then the game gets played.
I open the brother and befriend him.
That's the thing here, you can't hesitate on working the group. It has to be dealt with right away.
The HB comes back and the group allows me to stay in.
I keep talking to her an see I can isolate, but the group is somewhat weary. This is a common problem...
the girl wants to go, but the group is not yet won over.
So you've got to maintain attraction/comfort while still working the group over.

So they let her go.
I isolate her off to the corner, and the make out is on.

The only problem is logistics.
She is not going to leave her group, and we are both pretty drunk, so I got to seed the day 2.
So I set up plans for Sun (I am on boot camp).

I leave the group and back to CJ and Sinn,
Captain Jack gives my broke ass money to drink more.
And I am further down the road of drunk game, which really does not work.

I dance with some euro-trash women on the dance floor.
They are with a group of frat boys that see me as a threat.
I am and I am too drunk to try and befriend chodes.

So I mini isolate one of them and I want crazy animal sex so I leave to find more women.
I am not sure what happens, but Captain Jack eventually pulls me into an evil set of equally wasted women.
Somehow I am fondling her belly and making out with her.
She wants action. I want action.
Captain Jack wants action.

But Sinn wants to leave.
As a true champion Sinn blows us out and gets us to a cab.
Back in the dust storm, and rain.

The cab driver fears us, and gives a nervous laugh to anything we say.
Good thing I didn't wet my pants in the cab (its happened).

We make it to the hotel and I steal food and ninja attack Sinn and CJ.
I get chocolate almonds thrown at me and go to sleep.

Three hours later I eat breakfast with a girl Tenmagnet gamed at my first BC.
I have already closed her, but I need sex.
So I take her back to my hotel room and fuck her.

For the rest of the day my brain hurts...

my brain is numb

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