Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Leaving Trinidad

Hey Guys,

There is a lot to talk about...
I mean a lot.

Major changes, yet again.
I have some really cool stuff coming up and there is a whole bunch in the Community that is in the works.

I can' t let too many cat's out of the bag right now, but I am continuously amazed at how hungry guys are out there in making this thing something that is a bit more progressive.

I also would like to thank everybody out there that signed up for the first Podcast.
If you haven't go to eltopopua.com and do so.
And actually I have gotten an overwhelming response from it so I many have not gotten to your emails in a few days, but as always I will.

This Month I will be Speaking in Denver on Feb 22nd and then on Feb 23erd in Houston.
Also I got some stuff coming up with Bishop's group in Indiana (there is a link to his site on my blog) and in Tampa/Orlando (TopLair) as well as Miami.
Chicago and Hollywood are in the works as well.

And let's not forget Chicago, that looks like it will be in the end of March.
From what I hear, there are guys out there that have really been kicking ass under the radar.
I am told of guys in the TopLair that pull double digit lays a month, and in Boston there is Doc Holiday and Saffron who simply astound me with what they pull off. Doc has the best Day Game out there and Saffron just pulled a Stripper in Vegas and then 20mins later after closing her laid another girl!
I know I have had 3 pulls in 2 days in Vegas, but 2 lays that quick and one a stripper!

The funny thing is that most guys who teach this stuff in some pretty big companies have an average of 2 lays a month.
That was something I never got. And the sad thing is they have game, but teaching-wise they really didn't have that down yet.

Got to go,
but keep those emails coming and I will get to them.
Also check out Doc's blog, and Saffron's (I don't think I have it listed on mine yet, but soon).

And if you listened to the podcast you know I want to have some people out there interview me.
I would really like some of the head lair guys out there to do it.
In the next couple posts I will put out my schedule I have so far of guest interviewers to come.
But for now Later!

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