Thursday, January 31, 2008



Hey guys I am about to get on a plane headed to teach in the Caribbean this week.
It should be an amazing experience!
This week is Carnival and there should be a lot of fun coming my way.

Man this past month has been GREAT!
I am way backed up now! I don't know how much longer I can honestly manage the work load.

I will be putting up a few posts this week that will really start to have an impact on things out there for you guys.
First there is the PodCast going out!
So get on that list out there and I get it in your hands! (also the up coming schedule I have of guys to appear on this thing is goign to be awesome, so stay tuned)

Also there is a lot out there in the community about NEW material.
I am not talking about routines.
I am talking about game in general.

It really seems that every single one of my guys that I have worked with gets immediate results.
I am not talking about getting attention from girls and a few phone numbers, I am talking about SNLs, Bathroom Pulls, guys who were Virgins that are now getting laid, I am talking about results.
I am talking about they're goals for why they hired me are getting fulfilled.

I have worked with quite a few guys at this point and I don't know another instructor out there that has this kind of diverse success.
So what I want to do is put some of the stuff I am teaching out there to the guys reading this blog to field test.
This is another reason to get on that podcast list.

And the last thing will be to show a schedule of the lairs I will be speaking at this month and next. If I am coming to your city, or near by, come out and I am sure you will love every minute of it.

And as you know email me anytime!

And to get on that PodCast list

You'll be seeing some pretty cool stuff out there really soon!



Captin said...
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Captin said...

Right on man!. Haver a great time at carnival. The last time I was there I was a AFC and was able to get a SNL. I can't even imagine how you will do. Looking forward to the material for field testing. KEEP ON, KEEPIN ON!