Thursday, February 7, 2008

The PUA Community

Hey Guys,

So I just got off the phone with Priest and I am pumped!
We put out a really cool plan for some Inner Game Stuff I have been working on.
One of the first things I had to start with was how much all this travel and poor diet have effected my state of being. And if I am teaching I need to be at my best!

I gave him a call just asking for some advice on how to get in some better shape while being on the road and the guy came at me with a mountain of info!
The thing was that I couldn't write it down fast enough, and Priest so easily he made it work towards my lifestyle.

So this is the thing...
For the next 30 days I am going to be following a plan he laid out for me and we'll see how I feel. Should be interesting...
It is not just physical it covers all the bases, physical/mental, internal/external.

But aside form that Priest and I talked about the PUA community. This has really been something that we seem to hit on quite a bit when I am out talking at lairs.

There is much more than what we are seeing out there. Right now the community is prolific, but the instructors are stagnant.

People aren't interacting as much as they should and the forums are all refracted. People who have some knowledge aren't posting like they should be, and people who are new are going around in circles.

For the past few months I have been going out there and talking to anyone and everyone. The response has been HUGE. It seems like, in Boston everybody was telling, 'we were just talking about that...' but the funny thing is that in Austin, Dallas, guys in Houston, Nashiville, Florida, SoCal, Hawaii and just about everywhere...people were saying that same thing...'we were just talking about that...'

The thing is that for a long time I had the mentality in the community where it was all about competing with any PUA out there. I did well, I mean I was always able to hold my own even with the best of them.
We'd go out on Boot Camp and I'd pull SNLs, I'd pull the girls I set up last time from when I was in that city, it was easy.
Then I realized that I had to become a good teacher.

So I worked my ass off at teaching. I got so good at it that other instructors told me to mellow out because they didn't want to work that hard.

In all honesty I don't anybody out there that has as good a track record as me teaching. Every week I am making huge changes in people's lives.
I am not bragging, it is actually sad. I think I could improve in so many ways.
The shitty thing is that there are so many guys out there teaching that shouldn't be doing it. It is just cocky bullshit spat out online. I have been out with most of those guys and they really shouldn't be talking... One of them posted and LR about how he ditched his student to pull a girl.

Then I started going out and talking to the Lairs.
And there was always someone in those lairs that was racking up lays just like me but doing something different.
The thing that I learned about this stuff was that, if I wanted to be the best teacher, I had to learn to be taught too. I had to let my ego go and be willing to accept information with an open mind.
I started meeting guys like Doc Holiday and Saffron. I started hanging out with Dante in Austin, then I met the Goat there too.
And you have Merchant and Gone Savage in Austin who are raking up lays quicker than I can count... actually I don't know who's ahead them or Dante.

I remember there was a guy out there who just wanted a little bit of a push in the community. all I did was talk to him on the phone for 30mins and then he was off and running.
His name is Mayson and his blog is one of the more progressive ones out there....that phone call was just a few months ago.
Already he is getting up there in the community. He is helping as a coach on Doc and Saffron's Program up in Boston in a few weeks.

Then there was this other guy who really reached out to me from Dallas to try and build up the scene there. At the time there was so much bullshit politics involved in Dallas that the big names there wouldn't speak at the Lair. In fact we were not welcomed there. The actual head of the Lair Picked a Fist Fight with Asian Playboy and wrote posts about how he was better than Sinn and CJ. Every time I ran into him in Field I tried to talk to him, but he blew me off and would try and blow me out of set. But he sucks at game so he didn't have any luck.
But this guy Finesse really tried to build a bridge so that we could come back to Dallas and make it more of a community. One can not forget Vector and Twitchy either...

When I got into the community I worked my as of at this stuff and I hung out with some bad ass people too. But the thing was that, I was willing to listen and willing to change.
I threw myself out there in the fire, but I tried not to lose my head.

So there are some great links to people's blogs ...
Check out
Doc Holiday


Maysin said...

Gotta admit I got a little choked up reading this. I tell everyone ALL the time when they ask how I got good at this so quick, one name.. El Topo.

I was really lucky that I spilled my guys to you in the first e-mail and you put ego aside and responded. I don't think I ever told you this bro but JUST that response gave me the motivation I needed! I felt almost special and lucky that you responded to me when I was certain that you got tons of e-mails a day.

Now thanks to YOU I am involved with some of not only the best PUAs I have seen but really the best friends that I have made in MANY years, Doc, Hollywood, Saffron, Entropy and the list goes on and on.

ET, NEVER change because it was that human side of you that so many people connect with. You didn't hard sell me anything you simply gave me a minute or your time and became a friend.

In this community there are a ton of politics and BS that goes on but I have to be legit and say not 1 bad word has been spoken about you or ANYTHING you have done ie stacks, talked etc.. All your services are gold but it is your friendship that is priceless man.

Artisan said...

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