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theREDstack & New Podcast with Doc and Saffron

Hey Guys,
Here is a pretty funny Podcast with the dudes from Practical Pick Up.
Doc Holiday and Saffron!

If you don't read their blogs you should. Entropy is in one with Sinn, and Entropy and I were way too drunk to record anything in Detroit, but there will be an NEXT TIME!

Go HERE for the Podcast!

Hopefully you guys like the face lift to my blog, Thanks to Doc Holiday. There will be more to come with a reviews page and some other links to LRs and More Popular Writings.

I wrote this article last week, let me know what you think...
Also there will be Text Game Part 3 and some more of the Comfort Stuff I wrote about a few week ago coming up!

To all in North Carolina... see you there in a few days!


Building Routines from your Life

For the past 9 months I have developed a pretty popular product I in the community. I call it theREDstack. Whenever I go to lairs I give demonstrations of how to build them for yourself, which is kind of how this article came about. Now there is a lot to it, but one of the most impressive things that people comment to me on is how I turn mundane stories from people’s lives into something that can be used in game.

What theREDstack is basically you give me some information from your life, I will come up with a series of routines that will build you Attraction, Seduction in tandem, while making is all flow smoothly together. Usually about 90mins of material. You will hardly need any other routines after you have it.

Now mainly I write these articles because, although I took a Boot Camp, most of my game knowledge came from people showing me their ideas and adding a little creativity and application to it. The community taught me. Of course that was the community of Captain Jack, Sinn, Future, Shaft and Fidelio, but nonetheless I learned for free after my BC. So hopefully you can take away something from this and down the road show me a thing or two!

So if you like what you are reading please email me eltopoPUA@gmail.com and find more information like this on my Blog- http://the-red-mole.blogspot.com/

So let’s start with what makes a DHV Story (Demonstration of Higher Value).

What a DHV Story is based on are the Attraction Switches.
There are a ton of them, and they should probably be re named but let’s take some of the ones I like to implement while working with people.

-Understanding Women’s Emotions
-Pre-selected by Women
-Being Dominant
-Wiling to Emote
-Protector of Loved Ones

These are just a few of the 15 or so of the Attraction Switches kicking around and I know those are different than the one’s normally mentioned but I really want to shed more light of things rather than say the same thing over and over again.

Now let’s see if we can take normal and average stuff from someone’s life and turn it into something that can work as a DHV.

How we will do this, is I will take common things from what people tell me, usually thinking they are DLVs (Demonstrations of Lower Value) and turn them into powerful stories.

Hopefully you will be able to come up with some of your own, after reading this.

-When I was growing up I had a very strong mother, that juggled cleaning the house, taking care of us kids but also taught us to cultivate our individual passions.
- My first real friend was a girl down the street, when I started school my new friends made fun of me for being friends with a girl and I never talked to her again.
-I work as a teacher in middle school.
- When I was young I remember how my dad, who only had me on the weekends, would work on cars. I would watch him, but it always made me sad that he would not actively show me. I think I actually annoyed him.
- I would walk my little sister to school everyday after she came home crying because some of the boys made fun of her.
- The first time I felt like I was grown up, was when my father and I got stuck on a fishing boat and I actually helped us get back to shore. He treated me differently after that and it was the first time I thought he was proud of me.
- I get insecure around women I am attracted to.
-My mom passed away when I was 18, and it is the single most experience that changed my life.
- My friend Ralph was separating from his wife and I helped them reconcile and they are still married to this day.

So those are typical things I hear during presentations and typical things that I get in people’s profiles when creating theREDstack for them. Here is a simple story that will Frames, Add Value and Lead the target in the right direction. And it will be based on the information above.

‘One of the things that I really love about meeting people is what you grab from people’s first impressions. For instance, when I was growing up I was pretty much raised by my mother, and so I have always had close friends that were women.

But one of the things that I can remember was that my first friend was a girl from down the street, and my dad left when I was 3 years old so my mother used to work quite a bit. So I would stay at one of the neighbor’s houses. They had a girl my age and pretty much from the age of 3 to 5 we were best friends.
It was such a different interaction in thinking back on it.
Mainly because the dynamic was different than how I ended up interacting with my guy friends, but we were so innocent too. There was nothing to fear because we had nothing to influence us.
And actually, when I started school things became totally screwed up. Right away, the guys in my kindergarten class made fun of me for being friends with a girl, and I never talked to her again. She tried to talk to me, but eventually gave up. And it will always be one of those things that I feel guilty about.

But, you know it is like the same thing now as it was then. The way men and women communicate in that same sort of way. Like things that happen between me and my girlfriends are always fun, but they are like a part of our own world. When you are with guys there is always social pressure that tries to influence you.
Like take sex for example, in how guys view it and how women view it. I always thought I was weird around my guy friends when I would bring this up but women always seemed to think this way. Women like to experience between people, and guys really only seem to care about getting off.

For me, I always hate bringing this up, but around really attractive people I can get intimidated. And to be honest you’re a really good looking woman, and I shouldn’t be afraid to say that, but those are the things that I think intimidate guys to act the way they do. I mean one thing I know from growing up with a sister and a mother around me all the time is women, like to be lead, but at the same time it has got to be done right.
Like what is something that you hated about the last guy you dated?

(she answers, doesn’t matter what she say you just continue on)

No, the thing about it is that guys don’t know how to be men anymore. Guys are pussies. Like I remember when I was 11 my sister, who is 2 years younger that me, got picked on by some guys on the way home from school. And I remember it made me so mad, that everyday for the rest of the year I walked with her hoping to see those guys. I never did see em, but that is what is missing from guys these days. They don’t get how to communicate with women. They don’t even realize that sometimes women want to be lead, and that being comfortable is more important than being pressured into anything. They don’t get that a simple action or bit of caring can change everything.

I bet you like to be totally wild, and you intimidate most guys who meet you, and when you date them, but if they allow you to be comfortable with them you can totally let loose, right?

So if you don’t mind me asking what do you do for work?

(she answers)

Wow, cool, I am a teacher.
You know that makes me think about how I came about doing what I do. I mean there are things that you do when you are a kid that kind of shape who and how you’re going to be right.
Like my dad would have me on the weekends and every chance I got I wanted to spend with him. I can remember sitting in the garage and watching him work on his car. That is pretty much all he did all the time.
I always wanted him to show me, but for the most part he was mostly annoyed by me being there. He wouldn’t let me mess up his tools so I would make up my own and sit there and teach myself how to fix cars.
I didn’t really know what I was doing but I would do it, just to imagine myself doing it.
And from that moment on I always knew I would be doing something where I would be helping people.

But like I said, it is part the job and part of how you grew up. Like because you work as a (X) you actually have a lot of the same things going on as me. Like my job has always made me really passionate and tenacious and with you because you work in (X) I can see the same things, but you actually do those things outside of your work. Like you are totally a girl that can step over the line, but like I said earlier, you just have to feel comfortable with someone first before you can let that wild side out.

It is actually a weird thing though, because there are 2 events in my life that really changed me. It is just like when you are a little kid and you could decide to go in one direction and the path you choose really defines a lot. Like I was saying with my first friend who was a girl. I will feel guilty about that anytime I think about it.

But there was this one time when I was with my father, and like I said I always wanted his attention and never felt like I got it. And when I was 16 we were fishing and we didn’t get back to shore before the sun went down. To make a long story short we both worked together to get back to shore. I could tell that it was one of the first times my dad was actually scared. And when we got back to shore I realized that, at that point he actually considered that I was grown up.
That moment changed my whole perspective and direction on things.
And then 2 years later my mother actually passed away.
It was one of those things that I will never forget. It changed me in so many ways, but one of the things it changed most about me was that, you need to live life in the moment and live it completely.
Sometimes you need to give your love to everyone, and other times you just need to have fun and not care about being careless.

Let me ask you something, you look like someone who could use a break, outside of all the bullshit. When was the last time you did something that truly defined you. Like I mean something totally crazy?

See that is the thing that is missing from peoples lives. I mean my best friend from childhood is my buddy Ralph. And him and his wife were having issues, and don’t get me wrong I would love to have my buddy around me at all times, drinking beer and watching sports, but he was screwing up a good thing. It was like they had all the relationship stuff down but no spontaneity. And that is something that all people want and need, especially women, but nobody will every really ask for.
And it was funny, but just that little bit, that little bit of surprise and romance where his wife needed to be swept of her feet and be taken to feel like a women, was all that was missing.

I mean I hate to bring this up, when I was just saying that your face kind of lit up… you’re sexually frustrated.'

To keep this short I don’t want to get into all the specific Frames happening here, but this is not just conversation. It is very structured, balancing emotion, Attraction and Introducing and defining Sexuality for them. When you think about it this is about 5-10 mins of material and in that short amount of time you can lead the conversation in a tactical direction.
And also you can have it from your life.

If you are interested in knowing about anymore of this stuff, hit me up. And hit me up about anything eltopoPUA@gmail.com
Or read more on my blog
my Blog- http://the-red-mole.blogspot.com/



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