Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boston Night One

So finally I am in Boston.
How could you not love it? Good food good people, good women... and it is a real city.
The Airport was against me today and there was delay after delay after cancellation till finally I made the fight in. Total of 16 hours dicking around eating over priced food.

Doc was supposed to pick me up and meet up with Entropy, but because I was stranded in the airport I had all this time to entertain myself through email and text.
I happened to email a girl that I hadn't talked to in a while, who I had met on a plane while leaving Boston and going to Austin.
I never posted the LR.
Probably should have, it was the second airplane lay I had gotten and it was a pretty interesting story.

In any case she is one of the most interesting people I have met in life. She is one of the few women who could easily kill me, and she is also a hardcore feminist, she has a long list of intense oddities to flavor her personality.

You should have seen me initially running theREDstack on her. In fact everyone who got a stack after I met her should thank her because she added a shit-load of insight because she found every hole that I had in it and exposed it. It was a long long road for that close...
Which was a delicate balance of logistics and framing. I would have abandoned the set, but we were stuck on a plane or in airports for 9 hours together.

In fact I was supposed to go to a Party with Dante that night we met and missed it to be stranded in several airports with her.

But anyway, last I talked to her was months ago. She was getting married, and I sent a few emails and it all died off.
But I emailed her while waiting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight, and the funny thing is that she emailed me right back saying that she lived in Boston now and could pick me up.

I thought it was weird, but oh well... let's see where it takes me.

Right from the start she is overly excited to have me come over and says that I can stay at her place and yadda yadda yadda.
Nothing about the fiancé .
You have to realize these sorts of logistics are really weird.
I don't have this happen often, and especially with someone I SNLed off a plane and then barely talked to.

So my plane gets in fucking late and she is still down to pick me up.

I still wanted to try and meet Doc and Entropy for dinner with her, but she was pretty insistant on going back to her house.
She said she had made food and still wanted to make some cookies.

I don't fucking get it man,
Pick up is by far one of the more interesting paths I have taken in life.

So we get to her house and she has conveniently left out that her fiancé is there.
So I am thinking weird but I will go along with it. And why not?
They have a nice place, a dog and they give me food and show me the guest room.

It is like there is no flirting going on whatsoever, but a super welcoming experience.
The thing is that in terms of pick up, these situations need to be broken down in terms of logistics. There is a girl I layed, months ago, have had very little communication with. She has picked me up at the airport, invited me into her house and has intentionally left out that her fiancé is there.
This would still point to she wants to fuck, or at least she is open to it.
What I mean by this is that she has very much allowed the situation to take place.
Anytime a girl allows the logistics to happen in terms of sex (going to a location where she is comfortable to have sex) it is not that she is consciously saying fuck me, but the odds go way up in terms of her being willing to fuck you.

So I decide to ride this out.

I eat, I eat cookies, and I talk about whatever intellectual bullshit they are into.
I put my stuff in the room they have made for me, and the fiancé comes in and tels me he has to go to his house.

And now it makes sense. He doesn't live there. They live separate.
she say she has to drive him home, but will be back.

I stay int he house eat more food and play with the dog.

In about 15 mins she returns and talks with me for a few mins, goes to my room and talks with me there while lying on the bed.

Again, logistics...

Seriously I don't get it. We fuck, not in their bed but the guest bed.
she says she has to sleep, gives me a key and tells me I can stay here for the weekend and to show up anytime.

In some ways i almost think that her fiancé knows that I fuck his soon to be wife and they have some weird sort of swinger relationship. This all too comfortable and easy.
But go figure, it is perfect too!
It is like shedding my light on June Cleaver's dark side.
That it all for now...

Hope you guys are coming to the Lair Talk/Workshop tomorrow in Boston!

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mmapua said...

hahaha that's the thing about meeting many people.
you never know what you can expect.
some crazy shit though man!
imagine she's your fiance.
one thing's for sure, pick up can lead to some cool adventures!