Sunday, June 15, 2008

Horrible People

Let me revise this!
This is more of a funny joke than anything.

Detroit was Great, and Great people! Post more in Detail later..but for now...

This is a good summary of Detroit via Entropy and myself.


butcher said...

Are you saying that people in Detroit suck ass?

Richard said...

Hey ET

I'm glad you went through structure first and... cool you asked about that when we were out getting some air... Very nice talk! Thank-you for sharing with the Detroit Lair

Now, I'm still looking for someone with a "Buba Stick" in that "HP" youtube VID... LOL... Frames can be a pretty funny thing... don't you think... checking in... So anyway, I got a lot out of the talk here in Detroit.

I like the Idea of Vaule Added... and you did that very well! Thanks again for taking the time to share and reach out to some of us here as you did!