Saturday, June 28, 2008

Phone Game!

So this is what you don't want to do when you get a number.
Click Here

Right now I am in Charlotte, NC. I am truly impressed by it. It is really an awesome city.
Last night was a pretty amazing going out. The town has an awesome vibe.
The main thing that makes a city for me now is if there is some aspect of culture.
Charlotte has street musicians, and fatty food on every corner and a good mix of culture.
Sadly, most cities are missing that these days.

But this phone call is great, it is the absolute wrong way to leave a message.


Speedy said...


It's always entertaining hearing a guy with apparently healthy confidence, but ZERO outer game.

I have to say, texting is really underrated.

Raymond said...

Haha that was funny.

Could I request your next blog post to be:

A recorded teaser of how you would leave a message?

Apart from Jeffys absurd example in the Jeffy Show, sing to a song then scream called me back biiaatcch, there is really little proper example.

So could you be the first to give a recorded decent normal yet attractive way to leave a message on voice mail.

This would be really helpful.

Always loving your work dude.


Brett said...

oh my god! Where did you get that?