Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is more or less just some boredom rant that I have on my head right now.
I have been working non-stop on the ever growing list of routine stacks I have right now.
So I watched a movie.
I am a big fan of movies, and it is rare that you can really find a good one these days.

But in any case it made me think about game, considering that's all I have been doing for the past few months.

It made me think of the ideas of cognitive dissonance that Shaft has been talking about.
It also made me think of Sinn's ideas on polarity.
But really when it all comes down to it in my head, it all come to society and the everlasting dysfunction of that.

So there's man and woman, there is good and evil and there is everything in between.
But one of the reasons for us categorizing everything is because we have to. We have really complex brains and really simple brains all at the same time.

There is not much to them. If you were to look at us a biological beings we really aren't that successful. So each of us has these aspects to them.
The dark side and the light side. And the same goes for the male and female sexes.
Not just in the whole yin and yang of it. But in the whole decision making process.
There are people who may decide to do something out right and that makes sense. But I wonder how much the drive or decision itself is really important.
I wonder what the other factors there are. And I wonder how much those other factors really define how people do what they do.

You see the whole stimulation for this was watching a movie.
It is called 'Paradise Now' and is probably one of the best visually narrated movies I have seen in a while. Funny, it is not from America...none of the good ones are these days.

But this stuff was all circling in my head anyway. The movie just triggered it. It has a Palestinian view point and has to do with how they should handle the occupation. It goes over the two sides of violence and non-violence. However the character that devotedly believes in violence ultimately turns. The one who doubts it has the most trouble with the idea.
This make total sense and religion constantly takes advantage of our psychology in this aspect.
The temptation is what gives it power, and it is those who are tempted are the ones who keep it going. It is not the ones who just have faith, it is the ones who's faith is constantly challenged.

And that is how game works...
The more I am out there meeting other PUAs the more I realize the differences in people's game.
The is a definite difference in the Dallas school of game. One thing you'll notice right away with it, is that it can be replicated to any life. I think I have been pretty consistent in displaying that.
It doesn't rely on false identities, and more so brings out the person then some fake magician, DJ, actor or whatever.
Also it is way more layered and complex then just being cocky and spitting out routines.
Those of you who have gotten your routine stacks hopefully will agree with me on that.
But the main thing is that all women, want the same things that we want.

And that is quite possible one of the most important things to it.
All women want sex, possibly more than men.
They just don't want it in the way that men usually assume.
But I think an important part in the gaming of women with this idea in mind is to play upon that duality.
That is how the KFP works, that is how Hot/Cold Text messaging works and that is how the decision making of sex works with women.
There is the framing part, but where some people follow I don't think compliance ladders are the only thing necessary for this. Nor do I think it is a stepping back.
It is an actual stimulation of the opposite. It is a stimulation of the moral or logical side that has been really left outside of game until recently.
And by this we still stay outside of ever stimulating the slut identity.

But it would be something like this in the set...

You have begun heavy sexual frame, that she has accepted. You're at the point where you are grounding your normal identity, and you tell her...
in a sexual tonality...
"if you keep looking at me like that you're gonna give me bad thoughts"
then you pull back and use normal guy tonality.
Then you get into a story right away talking about how you have to work early in the morning, and you have got to not have one of those crazy nights and how those crazy nights are passed you.

This is actually straight out of the Double D/Shaft play book.
No to do this it is like Ballet (again a Shaft term). It is a constant dance. It is not just one or two things here and there game has got to flow.

You have got to tempt the girl and regulate her. Build your compliance through the gates of sin and grace and she will have to decide.
And as religion again has taught us, nobody decides grace. That's why we forgive!

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