Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kung Fu Penis Testimonial!

With only one day of it being posted already I have heard success stories.
So why don't I use this opportunity to advertise myself a bit more.

Hit me up over email if you want to know more about framing and the pace of routine stacking.
This is the cheapest and easiest way to build up calibration.
The more you can go from open to close the better you'll develop a social calibration.
For instance, all the instructors I know don't need to listen to students in a set. They are so calibrated that they can watch from a far and tell you everything that went right and wrong. We can do that, because we have been in so many that have gone from open to close.
Thus the routine stack! If you work a consistent stack you can work the same material over and over again and develop a sense of how similarly and differently people react to it.
Plus the material is all different. It has a completely different approach and the routines have not been used. Also they are made to fit your life.

Thanks and here is a story from the Kung Fu Penis Chronicles.
This guy is a student of mine from a Boot Camp a few months back...

I had to write this to you now while it's fresh in my head.
Just a day

after I had read your post on Kung Fu penis, and just 4 hours after I added
this girl to msn that I met last week at the bar I ended up banging her with

I had a get together for drinks tonight with this girl after she

suggested it over msn. I knew it was super on because of her eagerness to
find out what I was doing tonight, and because she was accepting the sexual
framing I was doing over msn (Me: "You and me doing tequila shots is just a
recipe for disaster and nakedness." Her: "haha I like that idea. I'm not
going to lie.").
Attraction was there, and I didn't think Comfort was totally

After drinks we came back here. Some cuddling on the couch, some

movie watching, some making out. Then it came time to escalate. I grabbed
her tits under her shirt, I rubbed her through her jeans, she rubbed me
through mine, but when I went for the hand down her pants she pushed my hand
As familiar a situation as this was for me, I've never been able to

change a girl's mind on letting me down her pants on the same night that she's
decided not to.
So I start using what I could remember from your post. I rarely talk during
sex/foreplay, but when I do it's usually me whispering for her to go deeper or
So I touch my dick, ask her what I'm doing right now. Ask her

several times, but she just keeps saying "touching my crotch". So I tell her
that she's gotten me hard, and what is she doing to me (to which she always
responds "But I didn't do anything.").
I tell her that she must be soaking wet

to which she giggles and smiles. She suggests we move to the bedroom. Asks
me what I want to do. I tell her that I want her to make me cum.
She gets me

naked, gets herself naked.
Begs for me to fuck her. I do for a bit, but I

want to push it further and try to get anal using the way you wrote about.
stop fucking her and try to make out with her a bit, but she goes straight to
ripping the condom off and giving me head - unexpected but awesome
While she's giving me head I quote you; telling her to "make

that cock cum." After a bit more of this I stop and go with your next line -

"I need your ass to cum". When she didn't object to this I thought that it

was only because she didn't understand what I meant, but after some finger-ass
action and her trying to guide me into her chocolate covered starfish I knew
she got the memo. We stopped after a minute or so because it was too painful
for her (lube was applied to no help), and then resumed vaginal fucking until
I let it rip over her face.

Conclusion: The main things about this interaction that surprised me were

After her pushing my hand away earlier when I tried to go down her pants, we
ended up banging;
This girl was willing to do anal with a guy she's only

spent 4 hours with in total previous, and it's not like she's an anal fiend
either - according to her she's only done it once before when she was drunk;
Just like you said - she seemed determined to make me cum in any way I

suggested to her. She let me do anything I suggested or attempted.
Even though our first "date" mostly involved sex (and not even great sex -

I never gave her an orgasm, let alone finger her for more than 10 seconds),
she was still all hugs and kisses afterwards and saying how she hopes we get
to hang out again. It didn't even seem like we connected on any emotional
level, or that I offered her any reason to become invested in me.

Like holy fuck, I guess the long and short of it is that I used methods
you talked about in your post (even Pimp Slim's line about her thinking about
how huge my cock was); I didn't even do them perfectly, but I still managed on
this one night to blow through any LMR she might've had, got her to respond
and participate in the sexual narration I was doing, and even allow me to fuck
her in the ass after I threw the idea out there.

This shit was deep and I couldn't believe what I was capable of when

I actually tried it - kind of like how any guy can't believe what they're
capable of when they try MM on girls in bars.
I have a movie date with a different one tomorrow which will hopefully be
another chance to practice KFpenis. Although carrying on several
relationships at the same time in this small town may be difficult even if I'm
not going out with any of the girls exclusively. Any suggestions on how I
could tell each of the girls that I'm currently involved with other girls, and
not looking for an exclusive relationship?


I figure pimps have been around in small towns. But yes, small populations are hard to deal with.
Again, back to Captain Jack, although Dallas is a huge city Captain Jack got a good number of his SNLs out of the same bar. His identity was the guy that fucked all the girls.
I believe you can do this in a small town, and I remember at Boot Camp Sinn told you to move.
If I were to give you advice here it would really be theoretical.
But I think you can pull it off. You just need to make it clear, you are not looking to settle down.
You need to emote the idea that you are a 100% bachelor.
I think that this being your first experience with the KFP, I am happy it went so well.
It does not always go that smoothly. So just know sometimes you'll have to fight for it more.
But once you get the girl hooked on it, they will literally do anything.



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mmapua said...

yo el topo,
i got to give it to ya man.
you are the shit!

while reading this post i texed a girl that gave me lmr last night.
it said "thinking about you while at work made me want to touch my cock".
she replied with "see how good it is to build tension, it makes you have all these horny thoughts".

anyway, i never really tried to talk dirty to a girl.
guess i was too shy for that.
however reading your blog made me more confident about the power of dirty talking.