Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Leaving Honolulu....

It is still Xmas eve on Hawaii.

Tomorrow I get back on track with my long list of emails and Routine Stacks.
It will be good to be back home for a bit.

But I must say that Hawaii has always been my home.
And one day I will be back there again.

Sinn has extended his visit and it will be interesting to see what happens form here on with him.
For the last couple of days both of us have been having amazing experiences with Tyler Durden.

It is very rare that I meet someone and say, 'that person is someway I can learn from', but that was what I felt in the last few days I spent with Tyler.

It really was an interesting time.
Sinn and I both felt the tension within us easy. It seemed after every night with TD we both calmed and felt content in the silence.
Tyler is one of the only PUA legends I have met that is completely comfortable in his own skin.
He is also one of the only teachers out there that is comfortable in his own skin... (that's the sad part)

And I think from now on it is clear how I want to teach and how I want to implement game.

Sinn will be staying around and traveling with Tyler more...
I wish I could stay, but I got to get back home with my family for the holidays.
I think there are really going to be some changes coming.
In fact I know it.

Just two weeks ago CJ and I started talking a change, the folks in Austin started talking, then Boston and SoCal.
But it was when I met with Tyler 4 nights ago I knew that things were going to manifest.

It will also be good to see Future again who will be hanging out with us in the beginning of the New Year.

Once again sory to the guys who have emailed me.
I will get back on it tomorrow!

And I will crack out the remainder of my stacks.
But one thing is for certain I am filled with a new life here.

Thanks for reading


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joseph said...

Hey, it was great having you here in hawaii! You are definitely a cool down to earth guy, when you come back to hawaii hit me up if you have time to hangout!