Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost Phone

Guys I know this is a weird post but I lost my phone and it has a bunch of your guys numbers on it.
Needless to say I have shitty phone company... in fact i don't know of a good one and despite having all of my info stored on some master server of their's they won't let me have access to it.

Pretty crazy huh.
I mean did you know all of your contacts with names and text messages are being stored on your phone company's database to sell back to you in situations like mine?

Totally fucked up!

If you do have my number, I probably don't have yours now.
Can you text it to me with your name and I will put it into my new phone.

Also I have got an assistant now...
I want to expand all the great info that is coming my way now.
If you email him your Name and Email Address and number to
I will send you out a sample of the new product I am working on.

That is it for now... as for stacks and emails, I will get to all of them in the next few days.
But please if you have my 714 number text me your contact info, even if I talked to you today, because I have lost all my contact info.



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Parker said...

Get a paper copy of your phone bill (should be available online also) and it will have all of the #s you've called and texted... just not the names.

Just send a mass text out to the #s and tell them to text you back with their name. It's pretty effective for getting some crucial #s back fast (like ones you've dialed in the past 30 days)