Monday, December 17, 2007

Boston Lair/SoCal Lair

So I wanted to thank everybody who attended the Boston Lair talk on Sun night!
And thanks for the dinner guys!

The talk was really great, sort of an advanced subject in terms of using body language to elicit Attraction Triggers, Comfort Triggers, and Seduction Triggers.
It is too bad Mentalist and 2HM weren't there, when I met with them in Dallas we talked at length about these sorts of aspects of social psychology and finally I think I have it down.

Pretty much how I game now is purely based on using body language to built attravtion and even bait into attraction, comfort and seduction.
Pretty hard thing to write about. But step one would be to start reading how social theory has developed. Not necessarily NLP, but more so on legitimate and studied works.

That's where the Mentalist and 2HM as well as Shaft come in.
It should be good to see what 2hm thinks of the Austin scene, when he goes down there with me next month.

But hey guys, probably the best product I have for people at all levels is the Routine Stack!
Look if you are in Southern Ca on Tues you should have a good excuse as to why you are not coming to the Lair Talk there.
It is purely based on the methodology on how I custom build these things.
In Boston I built two stacks while there, and Doc Holiday helped me out in establishing some of the more in depth frames in one of the stacks I built. Both guys were literally amazed at how the frames and DHVs all worked with each other.

So if you are in SD, OC, or LA sign up HERE
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

It will be awesome!

I am not sure what Sexual Chocolate has set up after that but I am sure it will be fun.

Check out the attraction forums to see about the Previous Lair Talks I have done in the past


And here are some reviews for my Stacks!

Stack Review!

And after that I will be working the BC in Honolulu!

Look guys I want to meet everyone out there!
So show up, and we will all work this stuff out together!




Johnny Wolf said...

El Topo, I'm looking forward to having you speak at my lair tomorrow and so are all the SoCalLair members. We have 53 signed up!

Wake Effect said...

Hey man, thanks again for the talk at the Boston Lair last Sunday. Everyone that I've talked to really found it valuable, more than anything watching you demonstrate some of your advanced body language ideas in person.

You've always got a welcome community in Boston the next time you're in town for work or pleasure. We promise to not have a Nor'easter and tons of snow next time :)