Sunday, December 9, 2007

Again in Austin

So it has been another great weekend here in Austin.
I am stating to know this town better than Dallas now.

It is really amazing to see how great of a town this has become.
With the amazing group of PUAs here KingsFull, Clear, Finn McCool, Dante, BoomDude, and so on I could easily see how this whole town could do what Captain Jack did for Dallas.

Speaking of which it looks like later on this week there could be something special coming up that CJ and I have been putting together that could turn the industry upside down.
But we'll have to wait and see, but from what I can tell now it is some pretty amazing stuff.

This weekend Shaft, Juice, Double D and Fidelio came down from the Dallas crew.
One of the cool things about doing any sort of PUA training in Austin is that there is a long list of resources here to choose from.
Last night when I was pulling a two set a PUA who I had never met, but emailed before opened us. I could tell he was working Asian Playboy's style of game and he had mentioned his name, so I asked him, do you know APB, and he stuttered a bit and then got what was going on. It was a fun coincidence.
He left the set and we went off to meet back up with Kings, Dante, Shaft and Fidelio.

In any case it is good to see the momentum build in a town, and good to see how effective my stacks have gotten.
The coolest part is that of everyone who has bought a stack from me in Austin they all got results within a week. Clear got laid the first night he had it, Kings has got some of the best attraction club game I have seen in while, and Finn laid this 9/10 within a week of having it.
It is a good feeling.

The funny thing is that again, us Dallas guys were sitting there wondering why did this never happen in Dallas.
I got good solely from being around Captain Jack and Sinn who are by far the two best PUAs that I know, and yet the Mojo lair has its politics.
It will be good to see him finally gone at the begining of the year nd hopefully Dallas will have somewhat of a functioning lair for guy to have good resources to use. Hopefully Vector, and Twitchy who have been a friends of mine for a while now will clean up the mess so folks like Brad P, Sinn, CJ, APB, and the long list of PUAs Mojo has pissed off will come back and be able to speak in Dallas again. Perhaps instead of posting a thread about me on your board you folks on the lair are more than welcome to email me, .
I have never had a beef with anyone form the lair and neither has anyone else I know. We have all just had our problems with Mojo. And no I don't want for him to buy me a beer, because he might attack me like he did to APB (inside joke).
The funny thing is that he doesn't even remember me... but that figures, his undeserved pompous attitude has taken him to where he needs to be... and soon that will be gone!

In any case I love teaching and I love to create an atmosphere where PUAs can learn and grow from. Everyone who knows me knows that. Anyone who has emailed me should know that.

As for now I am out. I have got to wrap up my day here and can't wait to get back to Dallas and go over the plans for the next couple of weeks with Sinn.

We got a pretty awesome Lair Talk coming up in Boston Dec 16th, on how body language and sub communication can elicit attraction, comfort, seduction and frames.
And then on Dec 18th there will be a SoCal Lair talk on how to create a Custom Routine Stack!
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

These events should be open to the lairs, but if you can't find contact info on it contact me on how to get the info on the event.

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