Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Ideas for the Future

Yo yo!
So I would like to thank all of you who have been in contact with me.
It really does help me to instruction-wise to get to know everyone and see where everybody is coming from in terms of PU.

One of the things I want to start doing is setting up another way to make ways of communicating easier for all of us to get all the info we can get.
At this point in my experience there are a pretty large number of people who I have talked with or met through teaching or lair talks as to where we could really start to build some of that long needed personal touch to the community.
I love teaching and working with new guys.
Whenever I go to a city I have visited in the past there is always a good network of people I enjoy meeting.
Those of you who have emailed me, know that I reply to pretty much everyone.
But at this point they can start to back up.

I would be curious to hear about what you guys feel has been missing in the PU community as far as instructors, lairs and PU companies are missing.
It would be my goal to hear what you guys think about how something new could get started where we could really communicate freely...
Students and Instructors.
I think there are a lot of opportunities that we are missing out on in terms of evolving some of this stuff.

Also if you would like to set up a lair talk in your city, I would love to try and make that happen.
Shoot me an Email!

So please email me with any ideas that you might have on how we can keep up a good dialog between all of us, and still maintaining a quality I can manage!


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