Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shipping up to Boston!

So guys,
I am on my way to Boston on lay over right now.
Tomorrow night is really going to rock.
I got a lair talk that I believe is already filled to capacity on the use of
sub communication to build attraction, comfort and seduction.

This is actually something that I have always been into as far as gaming in concerned, but lately it is pretty much how I game.

As you may know that I have been super busy lately but I know that I need to start posting on all this.
In Las Vegas, every night of the BC I got laid and on the plane back to Boston I got and HJ and later closed her a day later.

All I got to say is that if you are not incorporating how you sub communicate, and how you can elicit sexuality and other leveraging aspect of game, you are wasting a lot of time with your game.
It is a true art though.
It is a tough thing to get down and build calibration towards.

But for those of you in Boston can't wait to meet you!

And for on Tues the 18th of Dec I will be in Orange County Ca to give a SoCal lair talk that still has space available.
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

In the SoCal talk (thanks Sexual Chocolate)
I will be talking about how to build a routine stack. This has been a popular product of mine and have never really broken down publicly how to replicate it.
So definitely if you are in the area come and hear the talk.
You will also get to meet a few of the guys who have had a stack built for them and see what they might have to say about how it has helped them in game, and how different of a take it is from normal styles of game.

How to see you folks on either coast...
Then I will be off to Hawaii, which will always be my home.
Sorry Hau'nani
I am taking up your island.




Toni D Farmer said...

i think a short role play with a member of the audience (or 1 of ur bitches) in these lair talks wud b really helpful - u can teach more with 5 minutes of acting than u can in 5 hrs with a flipchart

Keith said...

ET you exude skills that are off the fucking chart. It was AMAZING hearing you talk and getting to meet you bro. More on this later..