Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sitting Down with Captain Jack

As you guys know probably one of the biggest influences in game for myself has been Captain Jack.

So this last weekend Shaft, Fidelio and I were down in Austin with the whole crew down there.
Man it was a great time, and it really looks like some new stuff is going to be coming out from those guys there.

I mean I talked with Students of TMM, Asian Playboy, Don Savage, and guys that I have worked with and everybody there is on the level.
I talked with Pyro, one of the MODs of their lair and he told me that a lot of instructors always give compliments on how their layer is run.

But one thing that Shaft and Fidelio brought up to me was that what made everything work in Dallas was the influence of Captain Jack.
When I first got into game you may remember that CJ was at my Boot Camp in Scottsdale AZ.
Then I went back home to Dallas and He was there.
It is a funny thing because right from the start I learned CJ's game. I never thought it was different than anyone else's.
At first I watched him, then he actually showed me how it was done.

Little did I know at the time, how different he was at game.
I mean I knew he was easy going in comparison to the other TMM guys I had met, and peacocked in a very subtle way, but I really didn't see the difference.
When I started getting lays, they were usually SNLs. Or at least more than normal.
Also the other thing about CJ ad everyone in Dallas will tell you this, is he is super nice.
There is no massive ego that separates him form the rest of the guys learning out there.

Now there are good PUAs all over, but what made my experience different was that I had a PUA around me that was so different and creative that just sitting around and talking to him made you good. And I don't know anyone else who has had that sort of impact consistently.
For instance it Shaft, Sinn, Fidelio, Twitchy, myself have all had tremendous insight from just hanging out with the guy.
Now also we have all gone out and winged with him, but when one of the best PUAs in the world finds CJ one of his best wings out there I think there is something to be said about Captain Jack's influence on not just myself but the community he has cultivated.

So the other day I sat down with CJ, and one of the things that I have to always keep in mind is that the guy should be credited with so much of my game. He is pretty much one of the few PUAs that I feel I am so far away from in terms of game. The other being Sinn.
But we all really do learn from each other.
So when we were talking he started to fill me in on a lot of what he was doing now.
Most of it is setting up his other businesses. The man is a fucking tycoon.
But he was translating his social dynamics to what has been going on in his business and that was how he was having so much success.
He was telling me that success was something that was never defined by what was put in front of you, but what did with what was in front of you.

He went on to explain how when he first started at this thing he had no one to wing with.
There was nobody.
I have to say it really is an interesting thing when someone who really truly displays the Triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle, and Skill Set, starts to to show his emotional side.

He told me, he did his Boot Camp with Savoy and Mystery and went out and bought all the peacocking stuff. Got the raised shoes and hit the clubs. He actually started out of town to not be recognized. He was newly divorced and had two kids to support. It was a new starting point in his life.

One of the things I always looked up to in Captain Jack was that from the time I have known him he has always made it a point to have his house clean before he set out on the external side of life...including his game.

But he went out and failed. He went out and got blown out set after set.
He studied the material over and over again. He researched aspects of human society, culture and went deep into psychology.
He still didn't see success. He got numbers and make outs here and there, but nothing.

I don't know if you guys know what that is like to sign up for something give it your all and still not get the results that you expected.
He hooked up with the Dallas Meet Up board and made some connections there.
There he found some people to go out with, but even they were reluctant to wing with him.
I am serious, the stories of his early Dallas days are still talked about here.
He talks about the time when two of his friends and wings ditched him at the club!

But what happened was CJ started to reconstruct the game.
As he has always said, it is not inspiration which changes people, it is desperation!
And he was desperate. He started to combine what he had learned from reading social psychology and evolutionary biology and reworked things a bit.
this went on for over a year.

For an year and a half CJ gamed with splotches of success until he started to notice a pattern.
He started reworking ideas on, 'future event projections', 'grounding along with DHVs', using 'frames as pivots to other frames', trying to 'qualify with body language and pacing'.
Some stuff worked and other stuff didn't. But the patterns in how he worked started to show a clearer path.

So he decided to start taking some guys under his wing.
Then they were able to replicate it.
Then he met Sinn.
He helped out on a few Boot Camps and the second one he did, he met me.

At first I just watched him.
And after about 3 or 4 months he started showing me little things here and there.
I started to get real good. And real consistent. He showed me more things.
He then recommended me to Sinn and Sinn started showing ways of game that he learned.
Then Sinn moved to Dallas and the scene exploded.
I mean it blew up!
That's where you started seeing guys come into full bloom, like Shaft, myself, Twitchy and Fidelio.
It was something that was not necessarily people getting lessons, it was more of an exchange of ideas, people interpreting things, translating them.
Future started coming down and adding to the exchange.

In any case when I look back at how I got good at this stuff, I really had a lot of foundations to set my roots in.

So this week when I came back form Austin and talked with CJ I told him how Austin is blowing up like Dallas.
He then told me he wanted to start teaching again.
He has been familiar with my routine stacks which are the most definitive applications to his theories and told me...
"You know what Sinn and I have been doing? So let's all put something together and spread the word."

Keep your eyes peeled guys, the PUA world is about to get turned upside down.
What we are gong to put out there is going to be the definition of the new style of game.



Anonymous said...

I smell the release of _ hour game released upon the masses! I'm excited...

For those of you guys who look up to CJ for motivation you should really read CJ's e-book (yes he has an e-book) Zero point inner game.

The guy went through a lot and it shows you that there are no excuses. I get sand in my clit because I don't have wing in my small town... Well CJ taught himself. The man is truley an inspiration. And one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.


Anonymous said...

And speaking of Fidelio... WTF happened to that guy? He drop off the planet or what?


Piven said...

I love hearing the journey from newbie to PUA.

I haven't been this excited with anticipation from a blog post in a while. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

BTW. You should finally be hearing from me in the coming weeks about getting a routine stack...until then...

walker said...

great post, Im really interested in whatever you guys come up with. I think Im going to have to check out his e-book