Thursday, December 20, 2007



So here I am, back home...
In Hawaii.
Well Honolulu actually.
Haven't yet met up with Sinn, but it is a great time to see old friends.

Right now I have traveled about 6000 miles in 5 days.
I am super busy. I know I have gotten many emails and please...just hang with me I will get back to you.

The funny thing is that I went Friday from Fort Worth to Austin.
Met with my good friends down there, Clear, Dante, BoomDude, and Finn.
Saturday night went to Boston.
Man what an AWESOME city.
Hate to say it, but I didn't go out. Gave a talk at the Lair and they have quite possibly one of the best lairs I have been to.
I also did a live Routine Stack consult with Surefire.
Doc Holiday was a big help Wake Effect.
And good to finally meet some of the folks I have built relationships with over phone and email.
You know who you are!

But the Mon, Wake Effect drops me off at the airport.
The weather has cleared and there should be no delays.
The airport is crowned as fuck. I sit down next to a really attractive and sophisticated girl. Actually I am a wimp and sit down one seat away. Within a minute another guy sits in between but begins conversation with both of us.
As soon as the girl opens her mouth I can tell she has got balls. We will call this girl Captain Femme Fatale.

Nothing much really, but we are both on our way to Boston and our flight is already late.
They keep making announcements as to the estimated departure time.
They announce..they announce
they Cancel the flight.

In any case, I will post the LR about this because it is too bad ass not to. But it ended up that we spent the whole day and night together getting back to Austin, and if anybody allows me to run that much isolated comfort on I will lay em.
Even if she is a former Army Captain, Feminist, MIT student,. I got to say, she has been one of the smartest women and toughest women I have met in a while.
She had me crash at her place since we got back to Austin so late and I couldn't meet up with Dante, Clear and WonderWoman.

But it was for the best. That is the second Airplane Lay I have gotten in a month.
And this girl was beyond quality.

Actually the reason why I bring her up is because her ability to reframe was unbelievable. It actually gave me huge insight on how to elicit frames and the difference between comfort frames and attraction frames.
How they should interact with one another and how to use social bait or emotions to stimulate the.

It truly prepared me for the SoCal Lair talk!

And man that was a great talk.
I would like to thank everyone for coming and I am glad that everybody seemed to get a lot out of it.
Sexual Chocolate gets mad props as well as Johnny Wolf for helping organize it.
At this talk it was great because I got to meet about 15 or so guys who I had worked with over the phone and email. As I always say we only know the tip of the ice berg on all of this stuff, let's get better at it together.
The only way I learned was from CJ and Sinn taking me under their wing.
The only way Future had his breakthroughs was because Sinn took him under his wing too.
Now that is not to say we don't work our asses off, but let's do it.
Any of the 100 or so people I have worked with in Austin, Boston, and SoCal in the past week know that the ways in which we are changing game is pretty much revolutionary!
Let's get a dialog going, drop our fucking egos and do this!

Which brings me to my...


So one thing in me being a teacher of this stuff I can never think I am better than anyone else.
I can never put myself on some sort of deity level in game.
Mainly because if I am to teach this and get money for it, it is my belief that ANYONE can do this. And it is my JOB to make that happen!
Anyone who has worked with me knows this.
Everyone of my students is good.
In fact every single one of my students that I have personally trained are better than a lot of instructors who get paid for this.

Now look, there is no doubt in my mind that I am an excellent teacher.
I have worked with people from 19 to 60 and from so may different backgrounds.
There is no doubt that I am good at this.
I can game. I can be up there with the top of them.
I have done that. One thing that I always looked up to CJ for was because he was the embodiment of INNER GAME, LIFESTYLE, and SKILL SET.

In the past week what I have seen out of other people instructing this thing is pathetic. Just being around the lairs and hear how some of these guys have been teaching and treating other is total bullshit.
Whether it is being an asshole to other instructors on a Boot Camp, or it is Belittling them because you think you're better than them, or bragging to students about how amazing your game is.

First off I have been out with the best of em.
It would be hard to say who is the best PUA, but of the guys I hear stimulating this sort of mentality they don't come close to Sinn, Captain Jack, Future or Myself.

It is not the way to teach guys. Get it straight. Let's work together on this stuff.
Just take a look at Dallas.
There is a reason why there are so many big name instructors there that have nothing to do with the Lair. But yet we worked amongst ourselves to get good at all this stuff. There are multiple PU company Instructors that have nothing to do with the Lair, but talk amongst each other.

There is a reason why ever time I meet with Future or Sinn or CJ or Shaft that we bounce back ideas and applications.
There is a reason why the stuff we teach is so efficient. And there is a reason why everyone I have taught lives the LIFE that they want and doesn't need to get off on putting other folks down to establish themselves.

But it is totally bullshit.
And the only reason why I can teach this stuff is because anyone can do it.
That is my job.

Anyone who has seen me speak knows how advanced and detailed my stuff is. Anyone who has seem me work has seem my ability to adapt and make game work for anyone.
Anyone who has seen me game knows I am really fucking good.
But anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't make that my job to show someone that, it is my job to get them to do that.

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Priest said...

Me and Sexual Chocolate will be in Dallas for New Years...

If you don't hang out, we're getting a divorce :P

I've got some stories so give me a shout when you get back to the mainland. I know you Hawaiian fuckers hate it when we call it "the states"...

All the best brother


The Asian Playboy said...

Yo broski,

4fiveSex white a positive review on your SoCal Lair speech at:

Maysin said...

I had to add my 2 cents here. First off you are one of the most humble human beings I have met, also one of the sickest. lol (yes that IS a compliment)

I used to student teach, and when I started there were some people who I looked up to that were captivating teachers. I would talk with them in length about what makes a GOOD speaker and they would tell me some advise that will always stick with me. They said,

"I used to think of speaking as a science. There were many theories about how to elicit the greatest response from your audience and capture their feelings. Now as I mature I think of speaking as an art form. An art that weaves its magic through out the audience touching different people in different ways."

That has ALWAYS stuck with me and to be honest ET, you personify that for me as a student. Your help in my game has been immeasurable but your friendship is priceless.

You rock and you know it!

Brian said...

Hey El Topo, would love to hear the rest of that airport pickup when you get a chance. Or at least the highlights!