Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tyler Durden

Now I know I have a lot of emails to get to.
I promised myself I wouldn't post until I got to them.
But tonight there is an exception.

Over a year ago I took a Boot Camp in Scottsdale, AZ
and it changed my life.
I met Sinn, Captain Jack, and Tenmagnet.

It changed my life.

I then was taken under CJ's wing,
I got good at game.
I then was taken under Sinn's wing.
I got better at game.

I started working with Future, Trance, Shaft, CJ, and Sinn
and I learned how to teach.

The more I taught the more I learned about myself.
The more I worked with with these guys the more I started to realize how much what we were teaching and learning from each other.
I got lays...yeah.
But I started to learn how to live.

In the past few months of going out and working with students, meeting people in the lairs, the more I realized how I could be a better teacher.
I started to learn, and still am learning, how much working with students and helping them in their lives changed my life.
Just in working with guys like Captain Jack, Sinn, Fidelio, and Shaft I realized how much you have to have a solid ground to stand on before you can give your experience to others get where they want to go.

I have worked with about 120 people in the past 3 weeks and for those people you know I don't ever want to think of myself as a Guru.
I don't know what makes one, but I have never really cared about being one.
I think that anyone who has that perspective separates themselves for being able to teach anyone how to have that triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle and Skill Set.

So today I am in Hawaii and had dinner with Tyler Durden and his friend HeadOn.
And tonight I had another turning point in my journey through all this.
Here was a guy who has come full circle.
Where as so many of us get caught up in game and almost remain little kids, so to speak, Tyler D has become an adult.

Here is the thing guys.
It is really hard to say right now in how much just those few hours with him has enlightened my perspectives in all of this, but I feel that I have made a friend for life.
But what I now know is that I am going to put myself out there full fledged.
This blog is going to be more of a tool for guys who want this thing to get it.

As you know CJ and I are working on something, and after the holidays pass we'll be on it. Sinn too.
But now more than ever I have seen things in myself to empower to full commit to the guys who want to put it out there.

There is already a long list of those guys...
Kings, Dante, Clear, Boom, Doc, Finn, J. Galt, Mayson, Xander, Surefire, Mask, Invictus, Nice Guy, Big Bear, theGoat, Jelly .... and it goes on and on.

This blog is going to take off.
TD has totally made another change happen.
He is the only guy who I have met in a while of doing this that has that triangle filled.
While everyone else was acting like a little kid, he grew up.

And tonight I feel like that night I drove the long drive home from my Boot Camp in Scottsdale over a year ago.
I have this new revelation... now where do I go with it.

We'll see where it takes me.


John Galt said...

Thanks for the shout out. I <3 my red stack. Whether or not you call yourself a guru or not, you are a genius.

I'm really happy for you that in talking with Tyler, you reached another transition point on your journey. Can't wait to see where it takes you next. Just be careful with that earring-through-the-dick trick.

Maysin said...

First thanks for the shout out but more then that I want to know more!!

If this meeting that this much of an affect on YOU then I need to know more! Hit me up!