Friday, November 23, 2007

I wonder....

This actually occurred to me while sitting at a restaurant in Miami with the Highlander.
And last night in Austin it came up again...
There is the question of, can you get any girl????

Well... theoretically, YES.
But we are still humans. 

The thing is with this, is that we can get many girls.  
If I move into a town within a week I can get a girlfriend.  There is no problem with that.
But the problem with getting every girl is that even though we are PUAs we are still humans.
And really who would want to get every girl?  Then gaming would be no fun. 
There does need to be a challenge. 
This is why I believe you need to be well rounded to be an instructor in this stuff.

To be a PUA, you just need to be one that works for the kind of women you want. 

But I always hate it when people come up to you and ask you,
"Go pick her up, I want to see...."
This is total Bullshit.  Mainly because I would just be playing flash game with her.

I would just be getting attraction with her. 
And I like sex, so attraction really is over rated. 
You need it, but you really don't need much of it to move on. 

But as I was sitting with the Highlander aka Drunken Ninja, and we were talking about this. 
If really with all the knowledge we have and if we were able to not be nervous and calibrate alright, we pretty much could game any girl.  It would be too easy.
I mean the stuff works so well.  Especially doing things like integrating frames, cold reads, and properly baiting through sub-communication.  

Some of the stuff I have been learning with the CaPimp is really unreal. 
But if I could pull that stuff off consistently then I would be unstoppable.    
So that is why inner game is so important.  If you have no inner game, and a lifestyle to cultivate that, then it doesn't matter how much info you know, you have no game.

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