Monday, November 5, 2007

Nashville then Laziness

Hey so it has been a few days since anything worth while has been put up here.
Sorry for that.

I have really had an amazing couple of weeks and I don't think it is going to stop there.

Last week I was in Nashville and gave a pretty awesome Lair talk there.
It really went over well, and I got to meet a lot of really cool guys out there.
One thing I like about the talks is that you really get to spread the word to a lot of guys out there.
Usually there is a topic, but it pretty much turns into a Q and A, which is fine by me.
The guys always seem to get a lot out of it.

But Nashville was really amazing because I was there for their Halloween Party.
It was like the whole city came out to visit.
I got to hang with some of the guys from the Lair, and some other guys who I had worked with at a TMM Boot Camp a while back.

JShine actually put me up for the time I was there. He and JohnnyAmog had attended a BC with me in Chicago.
JohnnyAmog is a musician/engineer and had his buddy WonderBoy come in from North Carolina.
I actually hung out with WonderBoy on two occasions and he's a great guy.
Game-wise the guy could be lethal, he just doesn't know it yet.

I also met a Dark, who is a really great guy. This guy has one of the coolest jobs in Nashville and I really would like to meet up with him next time I am in town.
The night of the Lair talk,
Lore and Chaos took me out, and they are two young new PUAs who are actually the new breed I see coming out.
They are guys who are mixing technique, balls, and brains into this thing.
It makes the best mix.
You have always got to be thinking in this thing.
As for Lore, it has been a while since I have had a conversation like that in a while.
You can really dominate at this thing if you apply all that intellect to this stuff.

And then there is GoodCarb.
This guy is good.
He reminds me of a more overt Captain Jack. His calibration is spot on and despite what the other dudes say, he uses pretty solid game.
The key to game is to make it not look like you're gaming.

As for all of that,
I ended up pulling at the Halloween party actually getting a port a potty pull, which would have been a great LR to post about, but low and behold, it all got fucked up.
Logistics and a few other obstacles found their way to me.

It was a good adventure though.
Always is, trying to get an SNL always takes you to places you never would have guessed.

But then I made it back home.

Here is the thing though guys.
If you want me to come do a Lair talk in your town hit me up.
Just ask me.
It is the best deal in town.

In any case then I made it to Vegas for two days, and then back to Texas.
This last weekend I spent with Kings Full and Clear in Austin.
A great time...
But believe it or not I actually like Atlanta and Nashville over Austin in terms of game.
But it was a great time, and Clear and I both got SNLs.

There is a whole bunch of stuff I am going to post here. Lots to catch up on.


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