Thursday, November 8, 2007

theREDstack Testimonial

Ok so this is something that was really awesome to see!

Now as you may know that I have been doing this routine stack thing for people.
Yeah I never stop talking about it.
But you know what, when you stay up all night everyday of the week typing these things for people you'd be pretty proud of them too!

So the thing with them is that they are super complex.
They work facts about your life into a segue of frames and DHVs.
It takes the thinking out of game.
They are also about 30 mins of straight dialog.

You can read other reviews form them here
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And if you have general questions about them that you would like a response to publicly or read what other people are asking about them do so here
Review Request to Custom Routine Stacks

or you can always email me direct at

So last weekend there were two students who I did them for.
I worked their routine stacks live, because they flew me down to Austin. Always an option folks.
But the awesome thing was that later that night I hung out with them.
So we went out, and the guys were anxious to try out their new material.

I had originally worked with KingsFull at a Scottsdale Boot Camp in July.
Clear I had not yet met.
As it turns out, the use of the stack got him his first SNL.

Here is a post he put up about how His Game has just Exploded into PUA supremacy!

Here is CLEAR's Post- (in the Bold print)

Last night El Topo came down to austin to go over our routine stacks he made us in person. This resulted in my first SNL

What is amazing about the stack is that I truly believe the stories and frames it contains. For instance it talks about:
How I'm really into women that are intelligent and classy, but fun and social (force qualification)
How US culture is superficial and in some way backwards compared to european culture
How women are expected to exude sexuality.. but aren't expected to even think a sexual thought (to which they agree and start to be sexually framed)

At no point during the stack do I feel like I'm doing anything unnatural or "gamey"

When I'm in set now I feel like I'm a magnet (no pun intended on tenmag). When I start talking about a trip to europe and how the girls I'm opening remind me of them the affect is truly amazing. I watch girls go from interested.. to a state that seems like they are in a trance.

What is different is that I'm talking 100% of the time now. They try to get words in here and there (desperately trying to qualify themselves), but for the most part with this stack I am projecting such a strong frame that women cannot resist being sucked in. Before I was running stock-like attraction material and it was more of an exchange. This would work sometimes to get a girl.. usually when we had a lot in common.. now I realize that having them talk is BAD. You need to control everything in the beginning of a set and the more you control the discussion - the stronger your frame is - the more attracted they are.

I feel as though my game has come full circle. I feel like after 8 months of starting my journey I'm back where I started -- trying to start a normal conversation with women -- but without the journey.. without going out peacocked with leapard print shirts, without getting blown out in every mannar possible, without spending hours with girls just to get weak dead numbers, without running weird gamey routines -- I wouldn't be able to seduce a women by using a normal conversation. I wouldn't know how to push women away and pull them back in with Kino. I wouldn't know how to tease and disqualify myself when they have a bitch shield.

I've finally hit that point where I know I'm going to get there. I know my game is going to get to where I want it to be. I only wish I didn't have to wait until wednesday to go out again!

A routine stack from El Topo is well worth his modest price.

The thing is here guys, is that these are so personalized to fit your game that you can just sit there and be yourself, but jsut do it in a way where you almost effortlessly DHV yourself, build frames, and cultivate Attraction while doing so.
They are extremely powerful.

At first they may actually shock you, because they are so different than your typical game which is based on presenting antics and a distortion of your true identity. Here you are yourself and you are shining out to the world!

Any questions on this stuff just ask...

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Mat said...

That all sounds cool, can you give us some idea of how you actually go about creating these stacks?

I am gradually starting conversations, etc. but can't keep it going long. I can't see how I could get enough material together to keep talking for half an hour, let alone do it for someone else that I don't know too well. Hats off to you!

I don't get out often enough (lucky at once a week) and don't have the opportunity to make many approaches even then, but once I've proved I can do that, I might be more interested in partaking your services. In the meantime, I'm not sure how I can build up a small stack to get me started. Presumably you follow a pattern of types of material to build attraction, etc.?

How can you turn a computer geek into an interesting person to talk about?