Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Inspirational Moment

So this is my mantra for today.
Watch it and you will achieve confidence, or a laugh...

Other than that, I have been traveling and telling the people I meet and talk with what I do for a living.
Pretty much everyone says, that teaching pick up is in someway negative, but they are all curious and want to know more.
So I tell them about it.
Then they say it is not so bad. Even the women.

So an interesting point came up...
I was trying out some new openers.
My favorite which I make work all too often is some variation of this...

"Hey Guys, I was just in the bathroom and this guy was standing behind me at the urinal and told me this freaky thing, I am not sure if it was a joke or he was serious.
He said, 'What's all tied up and doesn't want to have sex with me... the 4 year old in my trunk' then he started laughing and I ran out of the bathroom." I usually touch them and say, "I didn't even wash my hands".

Or I will go with my new favorite direct opener,
"I think of you when I masturbate"

And you guys probably think I am joking, I am not!

But as I was saying, an observation was made when demoing my skills for one of my new found friends (a female).
Afterwards she told me, 'that is stupid, if you wanted a real challenge why don't you just go up and try and have a normal conversation with someone rather than try and pull off some crazy way of creeping them out? Like just be really real and honest with them right off the bat'

My response was, 'you're right'.

I think 'game' is a lot simpler than we end up making it.
I have always pushed the envelope and maybe that is a part of my personality, but the end goal is to be yourself in the best possible way, not some freak that doesn't know how to be YOU.
We use routines and structure to internalize an attractive way to communicate, not to become something we are not.

That being said, I still like shocking people... just the main lesson from all of this is, if you want to use these skills to get the women you want in your life, you don't need to be some odd ball in order for them to give you interest. You just need to learn to be yourself in all the RIGHT ways.

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) I have plenty of ill-humor and shocking behavior I get a kick out of.

Till next time...


The Eternal Cowboy said...

"I think of you when I masturbate."

Thats fucking hilarious, I've got to try it out in the mall.

MoMba said...
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don said...

"I didn't even wash my hands"