Friday, December 12, 2008

A little insight on Stripper Game

This is kind of a spur of the moment post but I was out with my buddy Bart the other night and pulled off some crazy shit.

Right now Shaft, Soco, Jtime and myself think Stripper game is easier than any other game.
I know that some people may think it is harder, but I couldn't disagree more.
I have mixed things that Shaft has come up with (his system is by far the most thorough and I don't want to make it sound like I know it inside and out, but i do have an understanding of it)
and I have mixed stuff that Soco has done. Soco's is more pimp style from what I understand. Both Soco and Shaft have spent a lot of time in clubs, and know their dynamic very well.
I also have a good friend of mine that has done over a decades worth of Business in relation to strip clubs and they know the business very well.

On Jtime's workshop with me he SNLd a stripper, and I was pretty surprised. At the time I hadn't really done much stripper game. Sinn and Shaft had given me some pointers and I had heard Sinn's Stripper and Hired Guns stuff.

First off, what Sinn is saying is right 100%.
I am just coming at it from a different angle.

Just like learning from Captain Jack is way different than learning from Mystery, Stripper Game and Hired Gun game has many different angles. That still means what Mystery came up with was right, there is just a completely different way.

I will say this, of all the girls in my life right now that I have met in the past 2 months are all either waitresses, strippers, or porn actresses (which I don't know if that is a good thing...but we will work on that later)

So the other night I pulled a 2 set that became an 8 set from a strip club that I had only been to once before a long time ago in a town very far far away. I met all these girl that night.
I also visited another club that night too and got what could be interpreted as a booty call from one of the strippers at the other club.
That Text Message one constant text so I will send it out to my list Next Week and post the breakdown on my blog.

Sign up on the Mailing list (the link is fixed)
and Later this week after the Cold Reading stuff it will go out.

I am not going to post an LR on the blog of it all just yet, but it has been a while since I have had such a crazy experience. I mean even in the community I have not had such a crazy experience with women in comparison to the past few nights.
And you guys know me I am a pretty fucked up dude, that is open towards some pretty crazy experimentation. But these girls impressed me.

So for now I will leave you with this...
And I write this for the learn purposes, many of my friends are Strippers and this isn't to go out and abuse their asses, but let's look at some facts as to how Stripper Game is hands down easier than any other game-

-They are Approaching you
They are approaching you, isn't that everyone's fear. Approach anxiety is everyone's excuse. You go there you sit. No you don't buy dances or spend money, I spend no money on them. That doesn't mean you can't, but at first it is a good idea not to. The only way I would spend money on them is for proofing out an entire club. This in completely unnecessary, but that is the only reason. In fact if you do befriend them or fuck them, they probably wouldn't ever want to take money from you.

-They are the ones trying sell you
So this is one of the more important things. You are not subservient to them, they are the ones asking permission to sit and talk you into buying them. That means you have ample time to talk to the real them and not the stripper version of them. If they are playing hard sell to you then qualify their ass. They are in your space you are their boss essentially. You don't need to run game, you need to say, 'look if you want me to buy a dance from you then you gotta do more than that, if you can't then run along, if not sit here and keep me company'.

-Society frowns upon their profession (join the club)
No who knows what is right and wrong... being a PUA is not really the most ingratiated job there is out there. But society looks down at what they do. This brings up a few things that are actually listed below, and adds a whole lot leverage for comfort. They don't want to be seen as bad, they want to be seen as normal. Now also they are seeking attention and are doing a fairly risky thing to seek attention, weather money is the motive of not, that action of seeking attention all the time effects you. That is also why so many PUA instructors are so fucked up cause they are constantly seeking attention and validation, but that is another story....hahahaha

-They are the ones seeking Attention from you using Sex
So this is influenced by what is listed above. They want attention more that actual sex, they want to be seen as sexually normal. The bullshit of sex is their job. All the commercialized slutty, assholish things associated with sex that women hate are what a stripper is trying to sell to you. Or that is at least what the club is trying to sell to you. Those are all things women hate as their identity sexually. So this being said you can talk about sex in a normal way, and when they so calculatingly bring up that they love slutty sex, you can easily say, 'actually I hate that sort of thing, I actually really like people being real during sex. In fact I see sex as something very personal. If you're only gonna act all stripper sexy then, go make your money with someone else, but if you're gonna talk to me be real'.

-Sex is something that is already a topic
I touch on this above, but yeah you can talk about all sorts of lewd sexual shit. They always try and top me, but that is pretty hard. There are only 2 women that I know who can keep up with me on the perv level, and believe me I am very attracted to them because of this. But most strippers are very open to all sorts of crazy sexual talk, where in a club this is harder. Just make sure your are dong so with fun and humor in mind. Don't be a fucking creep.

-They are competitive and their egos are easy to leverage
So they are always competitive. This is how they have to be. Look they have to deal with a bunch of perverts all day, and hustle their bodies. If they are competitive then they will qualify themselves very easily. You just need to challenge them a little. You need to tell them things like, 'wait a minute, is that one of your tricks, that doesn't work on me' they will come back and say, 'oh yeah will this work on you'. You can structure a ladder based on this.

-They want to feel normal
As I mentioned this above, they don't want to be seen as pieces on meat. They get paid really good money to be seen as pieces on meat, and treated that way (sometimes). So don't treat them like that, but DO break their frame. Don't let them be dominant over you, but make their work enjoyable and be the customer that isn't there to freak them out.

-They generally have a pretty interesting sense of humor about sex
Ok so they almost always have a fucked up sense of humor about sex.
This is good cause you can ask things like, 'what is the most fucked up sexual experience you have had' or 'have you ever messed up during sex and embarrassed yourself', or 'have you ever had sex with a guy that his dick was so big it made you totally regret the experience'....

The main thing here is that the idea that Stripper Game is harder than club game is the wrong way to look at things.
Go to a strip club, don't buy dances, go there and watch sports and hangout.
If you are remotely normal and dominant and confident they will be real in front of you.
There are a few things that you can do that implement dominance and hold your frame, but just remember they are there to sell you, you're their boss not them. Once that is established work your frames in, that fall into place all too easily in a strip club.


Connor said...

Thanks dude! Thats a really cool way to look at it.

Sandro said...

I was insired by this and hit the strip club after the conference call.