Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Brief but Triumphant Announcement...and some music

So for those interested in some of the Lessons I have been putting out there
I would recommend signing up to the podcast list in the corner...

Now yes I know the podcasts are in hibernation, however the new site is almost ready and they will all be available there.

Since the next Lesson I am putting out is on Cold Reading there are a few extra things I want to include to people on my list. The folks on my list will get the sexual cold reads, as well as a few more useful cold reads.

As for the title of this I only expect Cowboy to get it... but if you do then email me and I will give you a free phone consult... eltopoPUA@gmail

For now some music for my friends in Atlanta who had another Mystery Matador sighting...
They were at a strip club there last night and they were tying their tactics and tricks on some of our friends there. Needless to say, at this point the new 'advancements' in stripper game destroy whatever bullshit they are doing.
I have actually been doing quite a bit lately and Shaft has been showing me the ropes.
But in Atlanta Jtime and Soco are also revolutionizing stripper game as well.
So stay tuned cause we got something coming that will fuck up the game of the past.
Stripper game as I knew it before was laid out completely wrong and this new stuff is quicker and way more efficient and effective. It works in multiple styles...
If you want to social proof a club and be involved in those crazy after hours parties or if you just want to be a lone wolf in the club and pick the girls off.

So this song is for you guys

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MEGATRON said...

That's a great cover.