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FREE Inner Game Conference Call #1 Jan 15th, 2009

Today is yet a different day.
I would like to touch on a few things in this write up.

Last night was a pretty amazing night. Hung out with Captain Jack again.
It made me think about how I had the opportunity to learn form him originally. He actually did most of his teaching with me for no cost. But i was willing to learn and pretty much did anything he told me. He is doing some Voodoo shit for the next few days.

But I am going to send the properly formatted CJ and ET Text message thread and there will be some new commentaries from CJ as well that we went over last night.

Other than that, last night was a really amazing night. Working int his field you can get way too caught up in Bullshit!
Game is pretty much learning to live a life you like with getting the women you like, but how it is taught is fucking retarded.
I think that everyday I am confronted with the reality of how insane it can be to work in this industry. What people believe influences women or people in general in the community is so bazaarly out there is a joke.
One thing CJ kept rambling on about last night was that in what he has seen people do in terms of game within the community is only a scratching of the surface. What both of us have witnessed in terms of other PUAs and Naturals is beyond what any company is selling out there. The things is that people need to come together on these ideas.
The community was almost born divided by big egos about nothing.
Please tell me what the biggest names in the PUA community have done new in the past year, let alone the past 2 years. It has been stagnant. And the capabilities os social dynamics whether it is to learn to stick your dick in everything that moves or learn to impact and touch people's lives there is so much more out there than what is revealed. What people carry these enormous egos about are complete crap. If you only knew what losers they were in real life, you would never give them money to teach you.

You have to be kind of crazy in order to progress ideas, as in my last post.
I am not sure what I learned from that in terms of game, but that story with that girl has actually taken an interesting turn. Although as when some girls find my blog, I always regret writing about them, I do think it helps the guys. That is not to say I do not help the women out there I meet, and some I sleep with. I love talking to people, that is what made me good at this. So I open myself up to everyone.

As you know I am the guy that writes theREDstacks. In writing theREDstacks I have had the opportunity to work with all sorts of people and really get to know them at a deeper level.

I have always loved this about teaching pick up. I have always loved the fact that, I could meet guys in this field that had so much interesting life experience.
In doing so, some turns in my life happened last year.
This main came from teaching Negatron and Jtime.
The two of them have actually had the biggest impact on my life in this past year.

Now there are also a few other guys who actually have been very instrumental too in and out of the community. The most interesting thing that how they helped me where in ways completely outside of talking to women. I guess you could categorize it as inner game or lifestyle.
In dong so we came up with exercises that helped us work on inner game while talking to women.
The funny thing is that I have had multiple life changes throughout my life. In reading people’s stack profiles there are so many people who have too.
Yet we would rather learn how to lie about our ‘social value’ in order to meet women.

So all that being said there are many things Inner Game wise that I want to give back to the community.
It is my belief that Inner Game should be taught for FREE.
Now I understand people paying for personal instruction but the best way I can offer this for free without stretching myself too thin is by having a FREE monthly Conference Call.

I want to do this call on Jan 15th, 2009. It is a Thurs.
Hopefully Jtime and a few of the other people who have helped me with this will be on it as well. We shall see.

The Conference Call will only be for people on my email LIST so GET on THE LIST!
I can also assure you that this will be coming at the whole idea of Inner Game from a different angle.
You will truly appreciate it.

Let’s stay in touch!

For now this is how I feel portrayed by Hot Water Music's cover of an Alkaline Trio song.
(have NO IDEA what the Panda is doing in this, but oh well)

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