Friday, December 19, 2008

Text Messages out SAT!

Hey Guys,

I was kind of hesitant against this because there was a lot of input from the Cold Reading stuff that I got.
The main thing that I got from that is that I shoudl probably write more about it.
But since more writing for me is not really feasible I am going to start doing the next best thing.

I am going to stat doing some Conference Calls that hit a few topics.
As said by many, many people I extend myself so far that I can not properly reach people.
I do Lair Talks,
I do Phone Calls, I teach Live, when visiting Lairs I take guys out for free, and then somewhere in between all of that I try and have a life.

In fact one thing that being in the Community taught me was that you need to take care of YOU first. In many ways I am learning that still.

So here is my solution to that!
Sign up on my List and Sat you will get the Text Messages that I have recently had.
Also in the next week or so I will put some Audio up of my latest interludes.
This will be pretty interesting...still not sure if I will put the samples up on the blog first, but probably will end up doing it. Much of it is with Strippers and Hired Guns.
I will also be planning on doing at least 1 Conference Call a month.
I would like to do more, but we will see what time allows.

I would like to focus the topics on Inner Game, Framing, Cold Reading, and whatever you guys give me feedback on.
(send it to

As for the guys who have bought theREDstack I would like to do one once a month with you guys.
I did a tester one with 3 guys the other day, and I think it went well.
It was pretty cool...
One guy was in England, another in Los Angeles, and another in Australia.

If you haven't met me I don't care if these calls are recorded, nor do I care if they are posted.
All the information is out there free, but who can teach it???
So hopefully this will give something back to the community.

All of this will be through my email list....


Marquis de Sade said...

I'm the Dr. Seuss of Text....

I'll give it to you in the grass, I'll give it to you in your ass. My wangle, my doodle, my schnoodle, my rod. By the time I am finished you'll be screaming "Oh my god!"

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