Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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This is an easy one....

2 Israeli men accompany back home this morning...
These are the kind of weird nights I have been having.
To me, I just sit back in awe of it all.

Not to bug you too much, but I have a whole shitload of audio and video over the past month. I will be releasing it to my list over the next few months. So sign up for it.

In the past few months I have done some serious house cleaning, and the lifestyle (as a result) is pretty awesome. Hopefully in the InnerGame phone call Jtime and Negatron will open some doors for other people too.
Sadly I don't know many other PUAs who have a lifestyle to talk about. They usually are the most full of shit people I know.
All these PUA instructor types brag about how they are actors and model agents...
The funny thing is I have actually photographed Playboy models, did last month and will again in Jan.
I am going to the AVNs next week, and have a pretty jam pack month to be honest.
The thing about it is that all doesn't mean shit if I don't have my inner peace.

To be honest Xmas sitting on the side of the road broken down after working with homeless folks, and before that getting my ass handed to me by some possessed lover was a lot better feeling than hanging with the 'need to be seen crowd'.

But back to how last night manifested...

3 days ago I was run through the ringer.
I am still healing from having sex with the devil.
the other day I took a shit and there was a finger nail in it.
I figure it is part of the process god makes you go through.
So then I went out and met with my student. Jtime and Soco have been doing something called Creep Game.
I have been doing it and finally it pans out. Actually in the Strip Clubs it works great.
Also I have been recording all my sets, this one too.

I am staring at her and her friends.
They approach eventually.
They ask me, 'what are you staring at'
I tell, 'is that all you can say'
They look puzzled...
They seem interested and so I tell them, 'look I can't talk now, I am working with a client but give me your number and we will talk later.'

The one girl who seemed the most interested is hesitant and then gives me her number. I say I am going to text message her now, and we can talk later.

I go back to work and the student is in set with these Israelis.

As it turns out, the girls that approached me were Israeli too. They end up all knowing each other.

So to make a long story short this girl calls, a lot.
She doesn't speak good English, she asks me all the personal questions right away...
'You have girlfriend?' NO
'You married, been married' NO NO
'Have kids' YES
'You like me' SURE
'No tell me, you know or not' THAT DEPENDS
'You meet me soon' SURE
'Americans talk sex, but don't do' YES I KNOW
'Ok, we talk later' SURE

So that seems easy enough....
Last night I was actually working with the Devil Girl, I told her about the Israeli girl, she told me to take pictures... like I said the Devil Girl and I have an interesting relationship.
the Devil Girl comes with me to meet up with the Israeli.
Devil Woman, drops me off and Israeli picks me up.

I get in the car with her.
We go to get some food and drinks.
Run into Sinn who is also on a date with a pretty hot girl. I thought to myself, this girl looks way too nice for Sinn's taste, then I saw she had big tits.
Ran into Shaft...
Then I did one of the funnier things...
She said, 'where are you going tonight?'
I told her that I was in such a hurry to see her that I just jumped into her car and I guess my friend just took off, so I guess, can i stay at your place tonight. I live like 30 miles away.

This is those Captain Jack things....'Oops I just happened to end up at your place."
I actually was really stranded with no place to go...how is that for a motivator?
I wouldn't recommend doing it this way, but I would say that the important thing here is to set the stage that showing her that a sexual situation just happened.
She didn't do a slutty action by being the aggressor in taking you home.
This is a big thing. Women are held back sexually in terms of what people think of them. You need to diffuse the social element.
Figure out what people are afraid of and release that fear, they look to you for the next step.

In any case, I we go to her house.
She has 2 male roommates, I think interesting.
She say she never does anything like this.
I say, I know it is just a weird situation.

He roommates try and get me to go out with them. I stay with her.
I will say this...
It was good to be with a woman who didn't unleash hell upon your body. Just sex was good enough.

The funny thing is that I have a new found respect for Israeli women. They know how to be women, better than I can make them.

I am going to release some transcripts of this night and I actually have the approach to the pull all on Audio. It was about 2.5 hours to the close.
So GET ON THE LIST to hear the actual reenactment.


And Happy New Year!

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Eddie said...

I guess you mean the beginning of the last intifada. Which started with Ariel Scharons visit of the Temple Mount.

Happy New Year to you man.