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Revelations- Revolutions- Evolutions Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Applications and Initial
Steps for Seduction
Teases and Qualification

So with the last post, I got some emails about qualification.
There were more than a few people that were up in arms about me saying that Qualification was NOT always necessary for achieving rapport.
The truth is that Qualification can lead you to rapport, but I think it would be terribly naive to think that it is the only way to Rapport.
Qualification is a tool of attraction that is trying to make it possible to Transition to Rapport.

This lesson will be about turning your Teases and Negs to move towards seduction and help lay the foundation for seduction and to Qualify towards seduction.
The long-winded theoretical part will be at the bottom, examples first (again all for you MMAPUA)

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Some Negs/Teases

Let’s start with some easy ones to elicit sex…
-Do you always treat shy church boys like this?
-You know, I bet you are one of those girls that totally gets off on intimidating guys.
-You have a really interesting face… the last girl I knew like that was always getting herself in trouble.
-I can tell you being quite and acting cute is just a front, I bet with your last boyfriend, you were a handful.
-I can tell just from talking to you I can be getting myself into trouble, it is girls like you that always bring out the worst in me.
-You’re gonna make me blush with those (comment on a characteristic of her) of yours, but I don’t want you to do something that might embarrass us here.

For those of you more brazen, you can get away with these pretty easily…just ask Algasim…
-You are one of those girls that is such a tease… I bet you totally pissed off your last guy you met… but you like that type of BS…
-You’re a girl that totally cheats…. No really it is totally cool, if you’re not satisfied, I can understand.
-If you keep talking that way I will have to make you squirt (or treat you like a women, or bend you over right now and take care of business)
-Hey I am just a shy boy, you don’t want to take advantage of me with your dirty mind.
-You’re totally the type of girl that can never live up to how she portrays herself.
-You’re one of those girls that can never get a guy off.
-You are totally one of those girls that gets intimidated by a guy who knows what they’re doing.
-I bet you are really insecure about yourself…like when you have sex do you have it with the lights on or off?
-You’re a really visual person, I bet you really like to watch…
-I bet you’re one of those girls with weird tits once you take off your bra.
-you’re one of those girls that attracts guys that are assholes, but the funny thing is that you’re still sexually frustrated.
-you’re one of those girls that really gets along with older/younger guys, but you actually don’t actually really feel like a woman.
-You’re one of those girls that is really beautiful, but you can’t keep someone attracted.

So with the teases you are really trying to get them to push back at you and assert some dominance over them. With the above the push back is set up to facilitate sexuality, and for them to accept a sexual role or stereotype.


Now we will move to the qualifiers. Qualifiers will do a few things here. If you look at some of the more aggressive negs and teases, you will notice that they actually have more to do with challenging their identity, this builds more investment, hence making rapport easier to take flight. So with the qualifiers you can really gain some ground. First start thinking of qualifiers as something that allows you to inflict Bait and allows you to lead a topic to talk about. In other words ask questions that lead into a leveraging conversation and have it make them work for their identity. Also there is an element of cold reading that comes into play here too.

Also this is not qualification like the normal hoop theory that DOES work, but it show how to lead with qualification. It is just a little bit of a different take on it all. You see Bait and Cold Reading are pretty good tools to keep in the arsenal too.

Here are some qualifiers that lead into some Bait or begin with some Bait.

End with Bait

So can I ask you something? What is something that you really don’t like about guys you’ve dated?
(doesn’t matter if she answers, continue on)
The thing is that guys these days don’t know how to lead anymore, I bet you are the type of girl that only attracts assholes?
You know what that means right….
(then you can answer with something like, ‘that means I can’t talk to you anymore…you have father issues…bla bla bla’)

What is something about you that you find really embarrassing?
(she answer or doesn’t)
You know what, I can tell that you should not ever play poker, I bet your hands get sweaty don’t they…
Yeah you’re no good for me. But here is the thing, I bet you really have a lot of trouble keeping guys…
Like you are totally someone who is really attractive, but you are always afraid of maintaining attraction.
(this will actually rock a girl’s world, she will really push back with this)

Begin with Bait
How old are you?
(she answers)
Awe, I can’t ask you this then, you’re too young/old, it will be too much for you.
(she will pull back and want you to ask her)
Ok so have you been in a pretty heavy relationship before?
One where it is more physical than emotional?
Ok so I can tell that even if you had been in one, you were actually someone who had to hold back in it, cause guys don’t make you feel comfortable enough to open up completely.

Who is one of your really close friends?
Ahh actually you can’t be trusted if you have a friend with a first name like that it is too plain/eccentric…wait what is your first name…we may have to clear things up.
Alright, so here is the deal… what is something that you makes you really happy?
So with me, I am actually someone who can’t stand being bored. I have always got to be doing something…
Don’t get all ADD on me and think you can relate.
I bet you are one of those girls where you actually pisses guys off cause you get distracted in the bedroom too…
Ok so you don’t?
So what is your strong point?

First lets clear things up….
What is Attraction?
Attraction is gaining interest towards you.

How does Attraction work?
Attraction works off being reactive. There is almost like a mechanical flow to it. You push someone in the right way and they push you back.
So you tease someone and they smile and defend themselves.
Attraction does not get you laid, but is necessary for the whole process of things.

What are Phases of Attraction?
Some people say it comes first, but Attraction is always happening. It never stops. It happen at the beginning of a set and it is happening in the ‘seduction’ phase too. For now just keep an open mind towards that. We will get to implementing Attraction while seducing. For now lets focus on attracting with some seduction.

What are some tools for Attraction?
Things that cause attraction are:
-Energy Level or State
-Multi-Threading and Fractionating
-Being Dismissive
-Holding Frame
-Utilization of Bait
-Push Pull
-State Compliance
-Interactive based Routines

So now lets look at Rapport in the same way

What is Rapport?
Rapport is when you are both on equal levels. It is when there is emotional investment on both sides and that is how you are interacting. It doesn’t need to be deep, but it could be as little as someone trying to explain themselves to you, or as much as someone desperately telling you about who they would live and die for. But anywhere within that is good.

How does Rapport work?
Rapport works off of emotions. This is where people share parts of themselves to each other. It still has reactions, but they are towards parts of someone’s identity. The easiest way to describe this is Attraction’s reactions are surface level and Rapport’s are something which actually means something to someone. This is why Qualification was used to get there. The funny thing is that in order to gain investment in someone we were initially told to lie about ourselves to gain investment. Qualification is not the only way to gain rapport, in fact it can be gained much easier through other veins.

What are Phases of Rapport?
If Attraction is always moving and helping things push forward than Rapport is really the constant. Rapport is always there, from the moment you approach a set you need to make them feel comfortable (that was one of the reasons for the False Time Constraint and Over the Shoulder, that was one of the reasons for being Indirect). Now at the beginning Attraction is cycling really fast, but what an artist needs to do is let it slow down when the target hooks on that. That is what calibration is for.
There are many forms this can take, but you can take, you can open with attraction and make it feel comfortable, you can open with sexuality and make it feel comfortable, you can piss someone off and make it feel comfortable, there are all sorts of ways to bring it to the table. Either way rapport is the point what controls the shift of it all…it is what controls the tipping point.

Ways to Implement Rapport
-Cold Reading
-Emotional Connection
-Telling a Secret
-Intimate Compliance
-Emotional Compliance
-Making Mistakes acting Nervous

The reason why Seduction can be a catalyst for Rapport is because to give someone a ‘sexual identity’ they become invested. If you are into using framing then you need to do that right from the start. Your frames should be built from the start.
So here is how to set some sexual identity frames with Teases and Qualifiers. You can say them pretty much right away. If you think you need a ladder, you can try that, but you don’t need it.
The main thing is you are using Attraction tools to build an identity so you are using Push Pull to get them to play to this identity.
That way your Rapport will be based off of seduction and you can start grounding to implement other nicer frames….


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