Friday, December 26, 2008

This is what happens to Naughty Little Boys

Yeah tell me what quote that is from, who said it, what it is written on and when it was frist said to them and you get a free phone consult!
"this is what happens to naughty little boys"

Alright, so the Stripper Text is going out at 8:23pm Eastern.
The last 24 hours…actually 30 hours now…have been a trip.

I was going to include it in my email to my list, but what can I say…the list email is long enough.

Today Bart picked me up from my house and said…
“Dude, did you get in a fight?”

I tell him ‘no’ and explain the story I am about to tell you.

So the day started off kinda late. I woke up late, did my family stuff, which is always interesting.
Then I decided to hang out with one of the girls that I actually texted a picture of my shit to. She relied to the text saying, ‘how sweet’.
She was alone for Xmas and for the rest of the next 2 days I would be too.

I didn’t know her all that well but after we met up, it was freaky how much we actually had in common. She told me that she had thought about taking a shit and texting it back to me. So I was pretty whipped at that point.

I will also say that part of my life for the past few months has been pretty active in service for others, and later it turned up that she has been involved in some of the things I had done as well. Whoohohohaoaooa…breakthrough comfort. Future would be proud.

We actually go out and help some folks out that night who are spending Xmas Eve alone, then she wants to meet up with some friends.
In any case, the night ends up back at her place. I figured it would seems like an easy close, but she also seems pretty crazy, in a good way (so I think).

Watch a movie, begin hooking up. She is aggressive, I am thinking… ‘cool’.
She bites my lip…hard, I am thinking, ‘cool, she as something to prove, I can throw that shit back on her’.
I touch her pussy and she hits me in a good way…and I am thinking ‘alright, I will need to break this bitch’

Then her friends come by, I guess this is normal.
It is a girl, who is pretty hot, and a guy that is pretty lame, I am sure he thought the same as me. It was one of those moments when you seem how retarded people can be by how they act when their friends are around.

The friends leave, and we hook up again… now she is even more aggressive.
She bites more, I tell her to stop and she bites harder.
I am like WTF?

I cant pull away cause she is latched on my lip. So I go for the choke, and she is about to bit the shit off and then relaxes beginning to pass out.
She regains and smacks me.
So she wants to wrestle. That is no fun for her cause, I can wrestle, she goes back to the biting.
Within all this there is of course the dialog trying to tell her to stop.
But I am crazy so I continue.
Also many moons ago there was a time where I was pretty know in the S&M clubs. I actually used to go there when I was 18.

So this chick is fucking crazy. For real…
I suppose I should have known.

So to make a long story short, I power through.
We go on a marthon of action. And the longer it continues I realize, she wants me to beat her up. She wants the abuse.

Now I have been with girls who want some playful abuse, you could argue that this could be enjoyable for many women, but this girl wants me to hurt her and dominate her. She is going to hurt me until I fight back for real.
Well, I am not into that.
I am into a lot of shit, but beating someone into submission I am not.

It was one of those situations where, you are constantly fighting for dominance and unless I beat her down I will not get it.

So we fuck and fight, and then finally both of us give up. No one gets off.

We sleep, wake up and fuck again. This time less violent. She is unmarked and let me tell you, I am totally fucked up.
To make things make sense, in 1999 I was featured at an S&M club and I went home with my entire body was black from some deranged form of insanity. I mean like nails being hammered through dicks and shit like that….there is no lack of pain tolerance on my side,, but this was more bazaar than those experiences.

This was not enjoyable for her, it was almost like I was facilitating whatever demoralization she had gone through.
I left the situation that morning telling her that we obviously have a lot in common, but sex is no the best way fro us to communicate.

The things is that when you’re a PUA you come up with some skills, but you have got to use your Super Powers for good not evil.

Afterwards I met up with a friend and worked with people all day. It was a good feeling.
I have met people all over the world, from many different cultures and classes and it is always the poor poets that make the most sense.
So this lady who I happened to be working with was talking to some folk and she was rambling on and on, but I caught her saying…
“People always question what they are doing, but if ou find yourself in a rut all you can do is the next best thing. If you do the right thing, even when you are in a bad place, the right outcome actually has a chance of manifesting.”

I probably should have stepped out of the situation a lot earlier, but I stayed in for some egocentric bullshit. But I left the situation in a way that made me happy.
When I was driving home, 4 blocks from my house…
The Axle broke on my car…
Freak accident.

I made it to the side and for about 30 seconds I was pissed as a motherfucker.
I was thinking…
“This is fucking Xmas and I am this fucking close to my house and my car has this freak accident. My face is all bruised and cut up! Motherfucker! God I hate you!!!!
Why me why me why me….”
Then all of a sudden it cleared for me.
At that time the girl called me and I talked to her about her freaking out about everything for a little bit, then I said, “hey you know what I just had an accident and I am kind a stranded, can I call you back, but we are obviously meant to be some sort of friends. Let’s stop worrying about the sex stuff and talk about it all later.”
But it made me think…
We only get mad about the small stuff., when big stuff happens somehow reality forces us to be humble.
People in the PUA community live their lives based off of validation and other meaningless crap. It is not a competition; your goal is to be a better human not a better robot. You want to meet the people in your life that will truly bring you value.
Not the kind of value that gets you a certain car, house, or other artificial bullshit.
I teach stuff which is much more aggressive than most people. I teach thing that work as well, mainly because I look at the human in front of me. I don’t try and make them me, I try and make them the best them.
One thing I always want to make clear is that you want to be yourself, and not some manifestation of bullshit.
Value is what you have to offer the world and not what you take and hold in front of people’s faces. In how we socialize, there are ways of presenting yourself that, draw people in. Learn that, and then after that…
Learn to bring out the best in you.

In this past year there have been many times when I could have thought my life was complete shit. And there were times when I thought that.
But what makes you happy is not what people would like you to think. What makes you happy is detachment. It is when what happens outside of you doesn’t determine your serenity.
The more you expect out of people place or things, the more you are dependant on it.
And when something is missing you will be missing right along with it.
I see so many PUAs and PUA instructors that have zero sense of self. I would never want to sit in their shoes. Why someone would pay them is beyond me.

I waited for an hour for a tow truck.
I talked to a bunch of people on the phone, and when I finally got home my neighbor was like….
“What the fuck happened to you”

I laughed and told him.

I told him and he said, “Yeah you should probably stay away from that girl.”

We will see how insane I really am….


Frank Lucas said...

Who Said It: Policeman.

What it was written on: a nice little note written by William Hitchcock.

When it was said: To Alfred Hitchcock when he was 5 years old after spending time in the slammer

But I also swear I heard this in a star for finding it??

macked said...

Dude holy shit that's crazy hahaha. I had a girl I nick named amazon women (because she was like 6'3) pinch the shit out of my nipples cause I was teasing her like crazy and I was bruised for a good week but I can't beat your crazy adventure.

Paul David said...

Man, what a great post. That's not just game shit; that's life shit.

El Topo said...

Email me!
and we will set up a phone consult.

It is actually written on Alfred Hitchcock's tombstone too.

But you're right

Thanks dude

Amy Chan said...

Show off! write somthing relates to pick up ET! haha...

Amy Chan said...

I want that chick! you fag!

Doc Holliday said...


El Topo said...

Who wants me to post naked pics of AMY CHAN!


Amy Chan said...

You wish you had any...

GoneSavage said...

"We only get mad about the small stuff, when big stuff happens somehow reality forces us to be humble."

Your tales are raw, man. My shit has really hit the fan this month. Your fucked up stories are somehow comforting.

GoneSavage said...

"We only get mad about the small stuff, when big stuff happens somehow reality forces us to be humble."

These are some raw stories, man. My big shit has really hit the fan this month. Somehow your twisted tales are comforting.

Even inspired me to look up my old blog and jump through the hoops to reset my password and give it a visit after after 3 full years of neglect.