Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Revelations- Revolutions- Evolutions

Lesson 1 - Beliefs
Steps for Seduction

So let’s start with some beliefs.
A lot of the things that I want to talk about in the next month or so have to do with Sexuality/Seduction and Inner Game.

So let’s start with some Seduction stuff.
Seduction starts with the belief that it is possible.
I learned that really from Sinn and CJ.
I really learned how far you could take it from CJ, plus I am kind of a pervert.
I took that and ran with it.
Now when I teach I instill that same belief in some of my students.
And it is now that some those students have evolved many of those beliefs and theories to new levels.

So here are some of the fundamental beliefs that are helpful…
-All people (men and women) like sex.
-Most men don’t know what women find sexually attractive about men.
-Most men don’t know what women like to be thought of in terms of their sexuality.
-Most people are uncomfortable about sex. Men and women both have sexual insecurities… and they shouldn’t be insecure!

So let’s put some perspective on those beliefs before we go into some applications.

-All people like sex-
So look guys, there is nothing to be afraid of, when you talk about sex or bring it up it is a relief for people, especially women.
To put it in perspective let’s look at another aspect of game…Most people will agree that touching is a good thing to do in set right away. Mainly because it can be a useful tool, but also so you won’t end up in rapport with someone and be thinking, ‘when do I touch her?’ You already have established that you are someone who touches so you can escalate easier. So it is the same with sex. You can talk about sex the sooner the better and you won’t have to worry about transitioning to it later. For those of you structure hounds, you should be kicking yourself for not doing this, or maybe you already do. You can be direct about it or you can be indirect about it, just bring it up.

-Most men don’t know what women find sexually attractive about men.-
You always hear people talk about Nancy Friday’s book or Soap Operas, to justify women as being ‘Sluts that want to get fucked’. I wouldn’t call women that have healthy and normal fantasies or imaginations ‘Sluts’. I actually think that the voicing of a sexualized woman as a ‘Slut’ an insecurity towards sex. Men that think women are ‘Sluts’ for having sexual fantasies are men that don’t understand women. That being said, what women find attractive about men can vary in specific physical qualities, but men that understand women’s sexuality is more attractive that any ‘attraction switch’. Women have fantasies, just like men. You allow a comfortable environment for women to enjoy those fantasies, and you will be irresistibly attractive.

-Most men don’t know what women like to be thought of in terms of their sexuality.-
So what do women like to be thought of in terms of sex…or do they like it at all?
Of course they do. Thinking of women as sluts is not the best direction to take.
Take a look at mythology (the Bible included), folktales, movies, you can even see it when women dress up, put on make-up, costume parties, you can see it in just the basics of how women interact, whether she is flirting with you or she is trying to get rid of you, if she is trying to sell you something, if she is trying to convince you, and if she is trying to dissuade you.
There are 3 identities/roles/tereotypes that you should be aware of and adopt to helping your understanding of women. They also help with Seduction…

1-Women love being tempting, alluring, seductive. Women love to be chased, luring you with their beauty. Women love communicating in ways that we can’t understand. They love being the vixen, they love being the seducer, they love being the temptress… Bait is implemented by women and is where most men are complete wimps for not taking the bait and manning up and approaching.

2- Women love being taken, dominated, led, made to feel like a women…this is why it can be attractive in itself for a man to approach a woman. But really this is how attraction works. It is the male female dynamic, the female attracts, and the man carries the dominant action and approaches. The woman shows she is attracted (I believe that is what some people may call ‘A2’) and the man sees that and is dominant (I am not sure if that is what some people call ‘A3’ because the ways laid out to carry out ‘A3’ are not really dominant). Seduction, just like Attraction has a man’s role and a woman’s role, be familiar with both.

3- Women love being the ground, the stability, the mother, the nurturer, the earth. Once the roles of Seduction are established they find a home with this identity. So that can mean a relationship, but also it can mean, if a women chooses to be sexually free and adventurous, then she needs to have stability within this. This is why in the SNL frame of her being an individual is important.
Women love the transformation. They love the idea and act of putting on their make-up turning into something beautiful for the night, but they love to take that make-up off and put that identity away to come back for another time. This is because they are the ground. You may then be able to see how the frame of being discreet or keeping a secret may come into play here.

-Most people are uncomfortable about sex. Men and women both have sexual insecurities… and they shouldn’t be insecure!-

This brings up a few things.

First there will be an interest towards sex. People will react towards it if brought up properly. Because of that it can be a tool of attraction.
Here is n example-
You take the idea of a neg/tease, that was there because is gained value in a fun and playful way and it gained leverage in an interaction. But why it worked was because that was how women would communicate. It was how women communicated in a club environment or amongst close friends. So put 2 and 2 together and you have an interesting topic and you implement sexuality in your teases. It allows the topic to easily take place. Next post will have some neg/teases towards sexuality and qualifiers as well. Those alone will make your sets catapult towards a more leveraging point.

Second, if people are insecure about sex and they shouldn’t be. Set those people free, do them a favor!
But also bringing it up the idea of sex will gain a form of dominance. Plus no guys really ever talk about it with women, even in relationships…especially in relationships. If they do, they usually talk about it in the wrong way. Men don’t know how to view women sexually. But if you do, you will be the talk of the town!

Third, if people are insecure about it, it becomes an emotional experience and so it elicits rapport. Sounds confusing…well attraction is a reaction that carries little investment in emotions. It gains compliance towards push pull. Rapport takes some form of investment, that is why one of the ways towards rapport is qualification-by all means you can get rapport a lot easier than using qualification.
And one ways to do that is use the topic of sex. Because people are insecure about it bringing up the topic and having them at all compliant with it they are investing. It will put you in some heavy rapport fast. There will also be examples in next post.

Those are all ideas that should build your frame work.

How to implement these ideas will be next.
In doing so I will bring up some of my former students, and friends in and out of the community that have evolved these ideas into applications.

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p1an0hands said...

Wow. El Topo, keep it up. This is awesome stuff.

Shaman said...

"by all mean you can get rapport a lot easier than using qualification."

You mean "BY using qualification", don't you?

El Topo said...

You don't need qualification to get to rapport.
To me that is a bazaar belief. Qualification gets you rapport, but it is in NO WAY the only way to get there.
So first what is Rapport???
It is when the two of you are on equal levels, and there is no longer a battle for value...or whatever. (probably shouldn't use whatever in a definition).

In any case, you can get to Rapport through- Cold Reads, Emotional Connections, Vulnerability, telling Secrets, Stories, and Seduction. Qualification is a way to get there, but not the only way. But more on this later.

Good question though!

mmapua said...

However, qualification (A3) is also meant to enable you to start hitting on the girl.
When she has answered your qualification questions you can reward her with compliments that are not about her looks.

So how do you suggest to hit on her when skipping qualification, and also don't you think it's useful to let a girl know you like her?

Marquis de Sade said...

Rapport is kinda the same as saying "We really CLICK". It's an awesome thing, but there's still a thin line there with what kind of rapport you have.

If you don't balance it, you can end up "clicking" in a girlfriend kinda way or "LJBF". So, you still have to establish some sexual worth and overall masculine value.

Qualification is just one tool to work towards rapport, but your 'attraction' game should also work to establish rapport. Girls read into shit and start trying to piece together what kind of guy she's dealing with right away.

Dimkitikix said...

Love to read your blog.
Lots of original stuff, from your stack related posts to all this.

Keep up the good work.. One of the best blogs out there.

But I have one small suggestion..
the writing needs to be more solid..
ie., with respect to what you are trying to convey, cause these need to be understood clearly.

again, thank you sir