Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happiness is a warm gun

For the past 4 months I have been doing things outside of pick up that have changed my life dramatically.
I have had the great opportunity to have great teachers come my way.
In fact many of them came about through teaching pick up.
Some of these people have been bums, porn producers/actors and actresses, film writers, doctors, lawyers and spiritual icons…some multiples of those things.
I have had the fortune in my relatively short time teaching to work with many students who have ended up teaching me.
Not only in terms of pick, but overwhelmingly so outside of pick up.

In fact I have remained light on the postings because of my intense work in these other fields.

A few things have come out of this actually accentuating my initial ideals towards teaching. Mainly having to do with losing the community’s ego and need for value, deconstruction of methods, and realizing that this is a journey towards overall improvement, not just seducing women. But believe me, there will be a lot coming up about seduction, seeing that no one ever writes about it.

Let me clearly state them, because this will become the general voicing of my blog at this point.

1-Pick Up, Dating Advice, Seduction, Social Dynamics…whatever you want to call it…is easy, and it can be learned by anyone. The ‘secrets’ are always simple, it is understanding them that can get confusing. Whether you want to lay a shit load of people (which can get old) or just want to socialize better, it is not as hard as we make it.

2-My knowledge and what I have to teach should be totally public. Information that I know and learn will be posted freely on my blog. Most ‘Seduction’ information is out there already, it is just a pain in the ass to find and put it all together, so I will freely put my stuff out there. Some people who teach disagree with this,; however, I do not. I believe in product, however, nothing will replace what I do as a teacher. Therefore, the information is free, my instruction and ability to customize and personally work with others is what is being paid for.

3-No one system has all the answers. This is true for anything. As my friend in Detroit (again a student who in many ways teaches me) told me earlier today, ‘Once you have learned a method, it is time to lose that method’. I found this true for myself in many phases. I actually first learned a method, was able to use it, and then after that was able to adapt in many other methods.
Afterwards this carried over to teaching; I began to teach and realized that there were so many different ways to teach each and every person. I really have to thank my students in this respect cause it was them who taught me how to adapt and be creative to come up with different translations to some fundamental principals. Again as my friend in Detroit told me today, ‘for something to be considered a principal, it must be able to work in all forums, not just particular to a method’.

4-There are no Gurus. This isn’t to say that there are not people who have anything to offer and are superior teachers. What it is saying is all people are pretty much equal. In all honesty, most people who are teachers in this, I wouldn’t want to be. Also what it takes to be a Guru, I don’t know, but I do know that I can not teach anyone if I think I am better than they are. If I were to ever think that, I couldn’t relate with them.

5- This is a Community. Sometimes I think it is the furthest thing from it. Regardless there are many aspects to it that we don’t’ come together on. I have had the good fortune to make money at teaching this. It has at times been hard and it has at other times been easy. But because I have benefited from it so much, I need to give back. This has always been my goal, but it got to the point where it was unmanageable. So the ways I will give back from this point on, will be through this blog, and lair talks. There may be some more things coming up, but for now that is it. Either way they will have the idea of community in mind.

6- My primary purpose in teaching this, is to help anyone who is willing. I have always gone out of my way for this, but it became unmanageable. Right now I am working on a way to do this within a functioning structure, where people can gain efficient access to what I offer. What I offer in terms of information shall be as accessible as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled, this should be a fairly active next few months.
There are many new revelations from the past few teaching experiences I have had. To put it in perspective, I have taught over 20 people live in the last 10 months, there are 9 of whom I will talk about at length in the next few posts who are better than me and better than most instructors. And when I say they are good it is not something like 4 lays here and there, I mean superior in terms of social circle, social proof, SNLs, Sexual Escalation, Lifestyle, and even being resiliently happy and getting the right people you want in your life.
Also there are a ton of people who are not my students I have met through talking with Lairs that are unbelievably good, whom I have learned a great deal from.
Some of these guys are so good, I wonder why people hire ‘Gurus’ to teach them, when the answers are right in front of them.
In fact all the information is out there for free online. There are really no secrets.
But there is something different with what I can achieve with my students. I get consistent results even though the students can be very different. I don’t know many teachers that are able to do that, which is a sad reality.
Again, the fundamentals are always the root. The principals are there, and they lessons will begin on this blog soon.


Public Service said...

I'm excited to see where this goes.

Johnny said...

I noticed you mention the porn industry and seduction. Have you ever heard of a guy called the "street ranger?" He hangs out with Preston Parker. One thing I noticed is that he always gets the HB to do a dance and strip before full close. This seems way faster than most end game stuff I've seen. Any thoughts?

Johnny said...

I noticed you mention the porn industry and seduction. Have you ever heard of a guy called the "street ranger?" He hangs out with Preston Parker. One thing I noticed is that he always gets the HB to do a dance and strip before full close. This seems way faster than most end game stuff I've seen. Any thoughts?

Aaron said...

Cheers El Topo! Good to have you back posting :)

broken dreams nyc said...

Hey Man, Im happy that you have no ego and find tteaching inspirational.I would defintely want to work with someone with that vision.Keep up the Goods ....

BTW the infield insider preview looks Fuckin' sick dude.

I saw you role play using the camera behind the lens to get to her subpersonalities, NLP with dick sucking, Fuckin awesome MaN!