Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to game with a little Magic!

If you want to know the real roots to game, you have got to start with the masters!
I know that companies have been built using this simple trick of the trade...

The next lesson comes Sat.
But for now, watch and learn how to take it to the next level....


JSmooth said...

I do enjoy your sense of humor man!


J Money said...

I'm thoroughly confused with this entry ???

What kind of companies? Pickup Companies?

What is the thing to watch? The dominance? The eye contact? The leading?


MEGATRON said...

That is why I no longer use magic in my game. A guy can only take so many Beelzebub blow jobs and demonic duck butter is just too spicy. It's just not good for the inner game, you know?

Frame said...

I just finished reading your blog from the beginning, and I am truly inspired. A lot of dynamite shit. And reading all of the earlier posts definitely gave the later ones a lot more context and perspective. Keep up the good work.

Brad Jackson said...

Pretty damn funny, I admit. The title caught me because I actually teach the very subtle and controversial art of using magic in your your game at

But that was funny nonetheless.

Brad Jackson