Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seduction Overrides All

So in the past few days, people have been searching for the ancient KFP post.
I have always said I would rewrite it, but my ideas on seduction have evolved since I posted that over a year ago. So I will leave you with this post which will at least get you talking about sex, and seeing an escalation to it.

In fact it couldn’t come at a better time. I have been hanging out with a bunch of PUAs all over from Atlanta to Dallas, to Austin, to San Diego, to Orange County, to LA, and now in Las Vegas, and the main difference in them all is whether or not they are comfortable with sex or not. The ones who are comfortable get 20min to 2 hour closes and the ones that aren’t don’t close nearly as much and quickly.

Aside for the amount and time that it takes for someone to close, what I feel the real issue is, that lack of sexual confidence men come in with. As one of the first things that is brought up in the community is, men don’t know how to be men. Men are not comfortable talking about sex or how to go all out with it.

In fact I know a lot of the biggest names in the community and I have been out there with many of them, and from what I have seen on this last trip is the guys that know how to express sexuality and are comfortable with it out lay any PUA. The PUA can be a Guru or not, but if you know some skill and how to be sexual, that build more attraction than talking to someone about getting into a fight with 10 of your friends over your ex girlfriend who is a stripper.

What is even more weird, is when you see your students who you taught a year ago or even a month ago be able to pull off a 20min lays in a club, like I saw Algasim do 2 nights ago in Vegas.
In San Diego there is Kamouflage, one of Mehow’s Instructors who I taught, but has also surpassed many of my teaching with his own, pull every night and bring a harem of undeniably 10s to the club with him. Kamouflage does what I teach in super high stimulus clubs and it is very much how I teach, but he does it on a whole new level.
It is also weird when my buddy Brando who I taught last year is doing the same thing.
Then there is Jtime and Soco in Atlanta who were able to pull 4 strippers from a club to their house in the same night. This does not happen even with the best PUAs focused on Stripper Game.
On my 1-on-1 with Jtime back a few months ago he SNLed a stripper on his first fucking night out. And Soco has only been in the game for the past 2 months.

But what is totally alien to me, is to see how nonsexual the community can be. That is the first style of game I learned. CJ showed me a different style. On ewhere you skip a lot of attraction, and one where you skip a lot of comfort. What CJ always told me was, that he never wanted to get attention, he wanted to get the women he wanted in his life.

I mean there are so many people in the community who are great at opening up large and difficult sets, but they don’t know how to be sexual. And the overriding theme that I notice in the guys I have run into on the road that are as good or better than Gurus is they are comfortable with being sexual.

One thing Algasim told me the other night was that one of the big changes in his game was when I told him that it was alright to tell a girl, ‘I am going to have to split you in two if you keep talking to me like that’. He told me, he always had pretty perverted mind, but he just didn’t know how to bring it up.

So one of the things about game is that you need to be sexually comfortable. Today in our society the image that the US puts off is that we are a sexually open society, but in reality we are sexually repressed. People would rather not talk about it, but sell it. It is something we all recognize but can’t address with ourselves personally. For the most part Sex s motivated by shame in the norm of our society.
This is actually the fundamental theme of Captain Jack’s SNL model, you’re not making sex a shameful act, you are making it something that is normal and liberating.

So when it comes to the working those quick lays, the idea of ‘Seduction’ has got to come early. This is why I told Algasim to tease with sexuality.

So if step one is building a belief that sex is not something that is alien and perverse and something that is comfortable and normal that is the first step.
So the beginnings of Seduction need to start n your Attraction Game.
How do we do that?
Well what makes attraction?
Being Dismissive, Teasing, Dominance, Multi-threading, Takeaways, Value, etc.

So how do we make them sexualized? Well, what I teach in theREDstack is to do this, take all the elements of Attraction and use them to ground and frame. Now to be fair, all you can really write about is dialog rather than all the other characteristics like Body Language, Tonality and Touching. So in this we will mainly talk about what you say, dialog.

Here is an Example:

You are the middle child in your family. You have an older brother and a younger sister.
Here is what I would give them as a neg or tease to help ground them.

“Look, that shit doesn’t work on me, I mean my little sister used to do the same thing when she would get nervous…maybe if we were related I might fall for it, but come on”

So that actually has a little bit of room to ground from and you could do much more.
But let’s figure out how to also add some sexuality to it.

“Look, that shit doesn’t work on me, I mean my little sister used to do the same thing when she would get nervous…but you’re only nervous cause you know I might have to spank you for that, but you’re probably one of those girls who would actually like that, so forget it.”

Now I realize some of you might be thinking, ‘How the fuck do I say that?’ and anybody who has hung out with me knows I say much worse than that. But here is a bit of a ladder you are can use to have sexuality go from polite to totally over the top, so you can safely feel that you can dip your feet in the water a bit.

The thing to know about this is that although this is a ladder it does not go one after the other. You will have to fill in the blanks yourself. So get some basic attraction stuff, and some grounding/framing stuff and go to town!
Or you can just get theREDstack and get it all done for you…

-OMG, I can’t believe you said that, but you know what… I can tell, especially with that hairstyle, that you were always one of those girls that had a really cute look to you, but I bet that kept you out of trouble.

-Now I know you like you hand in the cookie jar, but sometimes getting caught is what you were always looking for.

-Like I can tell with you that you always liked to get into trouble, it was always fun, but once you got caught that is when you would feel bad about it.

-That is the shitty thing about society, is people think about and perceive women in different ways. Like my friend Denise always say that men like sex more than women, and I couldn’t disagree with him more. I think that women like sex as much as men if not more.

-You know if you keep looking at me like that, (I am going to have to make a woman out of you- I am going to have to start hitting on you- I am going to have to take you over in that corner and press you up against the wall and take you right there)

-Here give me your hand (slap it). See with a girl like you that sort of thing feels good. You’re totally one of those girls that like to have her hair pulled and ass slapped, I bet your favorite position is from behind.

(a side note, notice that most of these are cold reads, one day I hope that people actually take advantage of how you can sexually cold read a person. Again a post I need to thoroughly write.)

-I bet you would be a lesbian, especially with your luck with men, if you didn’t like dick so much.

-I mean what was you first impression of me? Right off the top of your head…what was something that you actually noticed right away?
That is the funny thing, cause you are totally one of those visual girls that likes to watch how someone moves and interacts rather than what they are saying…at least when you first meet them. Like I bet when you talk to a guy you can actually figure out if he is good in bed before he even opens his mouth.

-I mean I know guys are really visual and they might be looking a girl up and down or something, but girls are just as visual but they just don’t show it how they look at someone like a guys does. Like I bet with your dirty mind you probably have thought about how big my dick is while we have been sitting here talking.

-I bet that you have really high sex drive…like you have friends that might be more promiscuous but the main thing is that is you are allowed/open to feel comfortable with someone you totally let loose. I bet sometimes you get so turned on that it is embarrassing how wet you get.
-I bet you can’t make me cum…I will totally turn you inside and out. You are one of those girls that doesn’t cum too easily, but I bet I will make you squirt.

Hope this helps


Erika said...

hi El Topo,

I'm a girl and I love this post of yours. We really do want men to be men. I wrote about it here:

And any form of playfulness is awesome, too. We need more play in this society!

- Erika

MEGATRON said...

Hey ET this post is gold. Thanks for sharing it. This is exactly what I'm trying to rework my style of game to reflect.