Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Atlanta to Los Angeles

So I just made it back from Atlanta and about to leave to Southern CA.

I will be working with DJ Fuji who in my mind is one of the Best Technical Instructors out there.
He works for Mehow's crew and I have witnessed him teach and game, and he pretty impressive.
He is also a good guy and is one of the only reasons why i am coming out a week early to CA.

In Los Angeles on Oct. 5th I will be giving theREDstack Seminar.
Here is the thing...
For anyone who has a Stack that is the center of so much controversy they are welcome to attend for FREE.

Email me and if you have a stack you want to come to the Seminar.

And if you want a stack built for you definitely Sign Up!
You will have a huge amount of material set for you to run that is personalized towards you.
I would love to have a Lair Talk or an open Public Talk where some of the other competing styles of customization as well as material that is outside of rehashed Attraction Material for those that doubt my skills and methods.
I would also love to have my former students as well as myself demo publicly and compare it to whoever else wanted to display their styles.

What I do works, and I love teaching. It will be a good time.

Last week I worked with the Atlanta Lair and I have nothing but good things to say about it.
I will post more about this tomorrow.

In CA I will be there for a while so anyone who wants to meet up hit me up.
I will also be doing a Talk out there that should be open to the Public so I would love to see you all out there.

In any case, hopefully I will do 2 Talks.


Brahmin said...

I <3 u

come check out SF dude. its badass

Truth said...

Dude looking forward to hanging out tomorrow. Where's the seminar going to be held? Erik truth_to_power@sbcglobal.net