Friday, May 2, 2008

The Vegas Trip

So there we were in Vegas once again…
The fist time I ever worked with Sinn we were in Vegas and since then I don’t’ know how many times we have been there together since.

But this time it all really clicked. I mean first off we had one of the biggest breakthroughs with a student we have had. There is never anything like that, seeing a guy take huge leaps, going from not believing in himself to dominating and holding sets…
And that is the thing, I don’t even know if HE knows how good he was doing. But then again that is the mark of anyone who gets good with this thing, they never really know how good they are, they are always pushing it.
That is one of the things, Sinn, CJ and Future always told me, ‘the guys who think they are better than they are plateau, the guys who think they are worse than they are always get better. We can all be pretty hard on each other but none of us are as hard on each other as we are on ourselves.

Also The Cali Pimp and Pimp Z hung with us a few times. Pretty interesting stuff, those guys come from a completely different approach to all this stuff and it is always fun to mix the styles.

So this time it is night number one.
Our buddy 8 Rope previously known as Algasm, met up with us early in the evening.
He then merged us into a set that was giving him trouble.
It was one of those things that, Sinn and I noticed right away, how immediately sexual these girls were… and I don’t think we noticed enough.
But it was one of those things that I used to really find amazing whenever I watched CJ work. It always went so fucking fast. I don’t’ think of it much anymore, I forget how hard it was once for me. But basically I talked to the girl, within a few seconds said something about cumming on something (kind of in my general dialogue) and notice she was responsive. And from there you press on.
I mean both of us are pretty aggressive guys, and as the night would unfold we realized how much we could have press harder… the magnitude of debauchery these two had in em was pretty impressive. I guess when you’re married and you’re not getting enough, it must build in you or something.

So we bounce with the girls to another venue.
Where we started out was very quiet and the second location is loud. Sinn works his stuff with his target and I work with mine.
And here is the difference, if you haven’t noticed; Sinn brings a different feel to game than I. He is pressing hard while I work less aggressive physically and more so with my verbal stack based material.
In this case we both had them going, but as Sinn pointed out to me about an hour later, ‘why aren’t we pulling now’.
But it is on with the girls; they are working up all kinds of crazy shit in the venue.
The funny thing is, in all of this there is another girl with Hair down to her Ass who is corralled next to us. While Sinn is occupying both of the other targets, I open this girl asking for a lighter. I figure some sort of Jealousy wouldn’t hurt. It really never does, and as Captain Jack has time and time again said, it is almost a necessity for moving a set along fast.

And this is where all this stuff can kind of eludes me at times… Miss Long Ass Hair (who is REALLY fucking Hot) starts parading me around her friends; number closes me, and starts texting me as I go back into set with the original girls, who are pretty much ready to go at this point, so I have got to bail on Miss Long Ass Hair and go for what is already in the works. Now right now it seems pretty understandable with the Miss LAH, but later the story picks up… and I will explain here in a second.

So at this point Sinn leads the pull, in fact due to the amount of booze that is swimming in my brain I pretty much go through the motions at this point…

which includes walking through the casino,
getting in a cab, getting out of that cab,
walking through another casino,
getting in an elevator and walking to out room.

I am outside the room with one girl and Sinn is inside with the other.
At this point the girl I am outside with goes to the door to listen to her friend being fucked, no big deal. And all of a sudden she totally lights up, I mean she gets fucking primal. Now I am used to this, but in the hall of the hotel I am slapped sober for a second while she grabs me an starts pulling down my pants.
All I remember at that point was her sucking me off and me saying, ‘someone is walking this way’ and her saying ‘you fucking lying pussy, I want to see you cum’.
And so the kind man walking by did a double take and politely acted to ignore us.
There wasn’t much more than a smile that needed to be exchanged between him and I for him to know to just keep walking by.

This actually happened to me the first time I was in Vegas and fucked everything up.

The funny thing was, that the girl wanted to go inside and watch her friend and experience some sort of orgy amongst us. But by that time Sinn was done and I remember his girl had to go to the bathroom, while saying she needed to clean her ass.

Nice and neat… the two left right away…

So in the meantime, I check my phone to see that this fucking other girl has been constantly texting me. So I text back.
I call her, because I want more and she can’t get away from her friends…or whatever.
I go to crash out, and still she is texting…
7am, she calls, 9am she calls.

Now here is the weird thing with Miss LAH… I met her and probably talked to her for about 15 mins cumulative. Now I have done stuff like this before, but I ran some pretty heavy comfort while doing so. In this case none… only A game. I mean primarily, it was all for jealousy. Plus loud venue, and really hard to do anything outside of Touching and Body Language.
It is a common thing especially in Vegas, but really in any club, to meet someone that night and get them all worked up but then the next day when their head is completely clear to continue the exchange.
And actually she sends me nothing the next day. I call leave a VM, and hear nothing.

In the meantime, while waiting in the lobby the next day, Sinn opens up this set…actually they hit him up for a lighter and then it all began. I sat there groggy and eventually started talking to one of them. It was pretty clear in who he was gaming and it worked out perfect. He number closed, I number closed, we bail.
Work with our student and begin the flurry of texts to these girls. Now text as I always have said is a fantasyland. Even gaming in the club is a fantasyland. Anytime you are in an environment where you can introduce new ideas (in our case sexual) use that sort of thing as leverage.
So you get a girl’s number, text her immediately (well wait 20mins to 2 hours, but why wait?)
With these girls it went quick…
But a good example of trying to fish for sexuality in a text is to say something like…

“so where the are you guys?’
She Answers, (if it is something at all interesting) “now that is HOT, ;) … but really wait the fuck are you doing?”
(if it is something that is pretty dull and can really not be at all ‘hot’, then you say, “come on I thought you were more creative than that… So then what will you be doing? ;) ”

In any case, you want to set the field for them to entertain a type of role, very easily and comfortably.

Later on that night Sinn and I are at another Venue that has always been good to us, he opens up a set I occupy her disgusting piece of shit of a friend while trying not to vomit in my mouth. Both of them married too. I mean why wear the ring in Vegas… do you really think it repels anyone?
So we are at the bar and a 3 set has proximity so I see my way out.
I open them, and I am saved.
We move to a little further down the bar and…motherfucker… Sinn’s girl pulls me away and put me in front of her friend. Back to holding my stomach… everybody out there smile to mock me.

I talk to her while imagining the movie ‘the Silent Scream’ (I never went to catholic school but the movie is what I blame for a population of things- like the THING in front of me-walking the casinos of Vegas)
And this is where you are like… do I wing and be a friend or do I go back to the set with the actual Hot Girl in it?

So the actual Hot girl walks by, I say, ‘hey save me’, she says, ‘you don’t know that girl, but she pulled you away?’ and she pulls me away.

We stand out on the Casino floor and I use my amazing ability to talk about anywhere in the US, knowing all the roads and weird restaurants and bars along the way. Yes, playing music and living on the road will not only make your keen on dumpster diving, but also you will have stories…and a lot of them.

Sinn disappears with his girls and I really don’t give a shit cause I am gaming one of the hottest girls I have seen in a long while.
Now with this girl it all makes sense. I run my typical stuff… stories from my life…stories form her life using my normal pattern of
DHV/Ground, constantly Checking In, Cold Reading while Framing, and into Qualification, and at this point where I was once good at it, all the stacks I have written makes me better at it.
But as I said it makes sense with her, she is hooked…I have to worry about nothing other than Logistics, which are kind of weird.
1- She is leaving in the morning…..GOOD
2- She is with her Sister and her Brother in law….BAD
3- They are sharing a room….BAD
4- My hotel is the only hope, but kind of far….. SO SO
Her Sis and Hubby leave us alone and go back to their room.
I continue in Set.
More momentum gets built, I mean how much of a stage do you really have to set.
But here is the thing… I meet a lot of girls. I love meeting people, but in reality it is very rare when you actually meet someone you like. Now really that is the end goal in terms of the lifestyle you want to build. But then there is the other side…to it… Feeling before fucking is NEVER a good thing.
And by all means, I am in no mood to settle down with anyone, but it is still refreshing.
Also I have been using a lot of these sexual cold reads and it is fun to get them really deep with someone. One thing I will say
1- The community uses fairly weak cold reads, and can take it so much further
2- The more I use the sexual ones, and the deeper I get with them, the more I realize how unbelievably consistent they are.

Some Examples
1- I hate how that my friends will say, men like sex more than women, and it is total bullshit. I mean women like sex, just as much if not more (oldie but goodie)
2- I bet one of the things you hated most about the last guy you dated was that he never really satisfied you, like he never dominated you, or let you dominate him
3- One of the things about you is that you have always been really sensual as a person, but not everybody sees it. I mean even as a kid, you noticed people picked up on it so you actually kept a lot of that to yourself. So it is only when you are really comfortable with someone you will let that out, but most guys don’t get that about you.
4- So I bet one of the things with you is that you like to have people turned on by you? Like you may not actually do it, but you have always gotten off on someone wanting you.
5- There is a total difference between being fucked without attachment and feeling something with someone. And both have completely two different meanings to you.
6- You have always really liked sex, and like feeling that way with many people, you can be detached from it. But when you are with someone you are totally committed.
7- Just in the way you speak, I can tell that you want to just feel like a woman with someone…and no one has ever made you feel desired in that way.
8- I bet with you, and I don’t know what made me just think of this, is that you have always fantasized about having sex in at work or in some model home or something like that…

The thing with these are, that you it might be hard to come out and say these things, you need to weave them in. Then you have also got to turn them into frames…a post all onto itself.

So with enough of that, we eventually go to the elevator. I was just walking her over to it.
It opens I pull her inside. We make out and I am just trying to get her BT up.
The main thing here is that I have got her to accept such a frame and psychological state that I have got to start empowering that with her physical.
This is kind of the thing with the KFP.
It really begins with a compliance sort of narrative before you get to the physical.
Sinn pointed out to me someone on the boards knocking the KFP, but fuck them…it works. It works better than any other seduction thing I have heard. And the funny thing is, that for all the years that the community has been around what the fuck is there in terms of closing material?

So I build the compliance. I put her hand on my cock and ask her what she is touching, she is nervous about it (they pretty much always are the longer you work the set, the quicker it goes, as long as you have framed sexually, the more aggressive they will be with the narrative. You have given too much identity to that subpersonality.)
Then the logistics comes into play.
She is sharing a room with one bed with her sister and brother in law.
So she tells me we have to stop outside the room and explains the situation. I keep pushing (not always the best thing, sometimes you need to lead the easing of the interaction, thing Push Pull in terms of Seduction –another rant of mine for another post).
I easy up eventually, and we agree to be quiet.
I try to get her in the bathroom, but she won’t shut the door behind her.
I try and do it and her state starts to break.

Back to the narrative.
Back to the cock.
Back to the sexual push pull, but in very quiet whispered voices...kinda loses the drama of it all if you know what I mean?

Her sister wakes up, but still in the bed, and asks if she is in the room. She replies that she is.
At this point I am done fighting it. It is late and fuck it, I will get off in someway.
I could use it. But I am done trying, and I have a shit load of comfort that although she is leaving tomorrow at some point I will close it.

So back home to sleep.

To make a long story short here…
The next day Sinn and I meet up with the two girls we gamed in the lobby… easy close.
As always what is comes down to with some sets is logistics and being dominant. In the case of those two girls it all clicked. An interesting thing here, is it used to be thought with younger girls 23 and younger they gave more LMR. This is true if you run too solid of a game on them. But as the Ca Pimp told us, ‘No way brother, you just got to lead em quick into state, in a way they are always taking steps forward. They will follow your lead if you put it in front of them.’
The shitty thing was that this girl fucking squirted all over my fucking bed… kind of a cool novelty, but really not something that is fun to clean up.

And to tail out the story…and really I have no idea how this happened, but that day Miss Long Ass Hair got in a Text war that is still going.
That 3erd day in Vegas she sent me 76 texts, that were super fucking long and comfort heavy. I ran no comfort with this chick for the 15 mins I was with her. Again, her calling till 9am is kind of understandable, but the next day staying in that sort of flurry without having any rapport, is pretty weird.
I was sitting there with Sinn going WTF! She is telling me her travel plans what hotel she is staying in and that she will be alone…I mean now I am in good with all the comfort shit, but I don’t get how aggressively she started it.
We will see what happens with her.

The girl I didn’t close who was with her sister and brother in law I would expect that kind of text flurry because I ran that kind of game on her.
And I got it too. There will be more from both of them. And I think there will be something to post about soon.


Captin said...

great stuff man. the Sexual cold reads are awesome and it sounds like you guys are having a blast. I'm going to try a few cold reads like you typed tonight as they seam easier now that you have broken them down. Can't wait for more trip details and concepts.


John Galt said...

Money post, Top. I had almost given up on you. Great to see you posting actual content again, and not just post after post of "whoa guys sorry I haven't been posting much but I've been busy as fuck.... anyway, you'll never believe what's gonna happen in a few weeks.. BIG changes in the community.. stay tuned... "

Satori said...

Respect, ET!

You really know what you are talking about.

Fun times!


Synth said...

"Feeling before fucking is NEVER a good thing."
True dat!
- Synth

~Hrithik~ said...

All I can say is: goddamn, my friend..god..damn.. ;-)

Amy Chan said...

Awesome!! Make me proud ;)

TNoff said...

Fock dude. You rock Topo!