Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Austin Review

Hey guys,
I just wanted to put this post up that was a Note from Sinn and My student.
We had a few mixing and matching in between programs, but this guys actually took all three things we had to offer.
His name is Jazzed and there is nothing like a student who absorbs everything you give him.
I think all 10 of the infield notes I gave him, he immediately executed.

Also I would like to thank
Dante, and theGoat for helping out as well.

This was one of my best Austin trips yet, and will post about it later, but I figure this review was worth posting.

friends in Boston, Detroit, Orlando and North Carolina make sure and sign up.
Boston is already almost full!


I have seen the future.

Having only been in the community since this past
December(when I had my amazing MM Boot-camp
experience!), I have worked very, very hard to improve
my Game.

I had spent hours practising routines, and researching
techniques with good success. But I never really
understood "how" they all worked? Certain techniques
always seemed like a bad fit for me?, and I struggled
at times with ideas I just didn't understand . . .that
was until this past weekend . . .

In Austin I got it!. . .Game is F-U-N!

Sinn (THE most fun guy to Game with), gave me alien
technology which immediately helped me in-field.

He also never left my side?. .I don't know how he does
it . . .lol. . .He was always there, diagnosing my
EVERY move in set. Without his help - I may never have
understood my true sticking points OR how to correct
them! Thanks bro!

I also worked with El Topo, and what he gave me was

He demonstrated in-field, how wrong my old thinking
was that Game was ALL about dominating sets and being
a spectacle of positive female attention!

He showed me how fast and deep people will connect
with you when you are a "real" person. He also had
some really creative ways to do this. These ideas
helped round out my game in a big way!

For anyone looking to go beyond a boot-camp and
actually internalize - HOW it all works, this seminar
is a for you! These concepts will allow you to better
perfect your own style and "flow".The result - WAY

I would also add that if possible, always take a
Boot-camp with other seminars. Since I took all three,
Sinn and El-Topo were able to custom fit the SNL and
Routine Stacking seminars to my exact style and
sticking points!Instead of just text book information
- they related it to REAL examples from the REAL sets
all weekend!

I now know the power of ongoing coaching and what it
can do for your Game! This is the next level!


PS:On this being a biased review. There was a BIG
negative. A 6ft 9 I may not have lost had it been
after my SNL seminar on Sunday!!! Straight torture

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Captin said...

Nice review. Very excited about Boston!