Friday, April 25, 2008

Insights From theREDstack

Hey guys,

In the next few weeks there will be some changes to theREDstack.
So I am going to start releasing some of the theory and routines behind it on my blog.
For the some of the Routines sing up for my personal email list here

One of the things Captain Jack, Sinn, Fidelio, Shaft and the rest of us in Dallas are down with sharing our info. If we hold stuff back than we're not coming up with new stuff.

In fact Captain Jack and I did a one and a half hour Podcast coming out with his entire breakdown of frames on it. It will be out in the next week or so for anyone on our lists.
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But so in the next week I am going to start releasing parts of theREDstack and how it works online on my blog.
This is not releasing anyone's personalized stacks, but the theories behind the routines and frames and subpersonalities that they are eliciting.
Everyone on my personal email list
will get the a few of the routines.

So here is step one, this is just a short write up about the Style of my Stacks and How we Developed them in Dallas. Not a lot, but in the next 3 days I will post more up here...

A bit about the style-

It has always been my belief that after I had gotten decent at transitioning to comfort in more traditional models, that getting through attraction was a lot easier than people in the community make it.

There is always a ton of attraction material in the community but very little material concerning comfort and almost none concerning seduction.

I think that is because attraction sells, and the people who pioneered the community wanted attention with women more than anything else.
An example of this is to take a look at their canned routines.
There is literally 20 times more attraction routines than Comfort ones. And even less in terms of Seduction.

If the game is played in Comfort then it looks like there isn’t much to be played. A lot of false Identities, and a lot of making things like Social Value, being over played. I am not saying those things don’t work… they DO! But they are not the only way to game, and in many cases, they are not that efficient.

For myself I will say that at first attraction was awesome. It was such a good and empowering feeling. I remember how liberating it felt to know I could go up to and talk to any girl I wanted to. This doesn’t mean that I was impervious to Approach Anxiety, it just meant that I knew it could be done, and I knew that the system worked.

But after about 3 months of really getting out there I had a ton of phone numbers, and a ton of make outs and only a few lays. And just like with learning solid approach the make outs and numbers were exhilarating at first but too many of them went nowhere.

I then started working directly more with Captain Jack and seeing how he just talked to women for 15mins to an Hour and sure enough he would be walking out of the club with him.
There were hardly ever make outs, there were hardly ever numbers exchanged, and later I learned that often times names weren’t even exchanged.

He had always talked about frames and he had always talked about not using DHV stories.
I didn’t think much of it, but after a few months I started trying to figure out something that would work for me in terms of a similar system.

Now most people when they talk about frames they are talking about something different than what we are referring to.
What we are talking about is defining the social interaction. What Shaft calls ‘setting the stage’.

It would be as if we are putting on a play, hiring a set designer, costume designer, and so on. Now we have to get the actors to play the roles in the way we want them to. If you get really good, your script writes their script.
One thing that some great directors are known for is that they are masters of setting up the right scenarios to allow their actors to act in, rather than blatantly direct the actors.
What we are trying to create here in the dynamic is to set the parameters to the social interaction.
Now this is done in a few different ways. Sometimes we do it using an attitude of playfulness, sometimes an attitude of emotion, sometimes through an attitude of seduction…

But this how we do it verbally.
Remember Game is played with your Body Language, Tonality, Expressions and many other things…
What you say is super important, but generally it is something that people read and memorize and negate some of the other dynamics of game.

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