Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On The Road

So here I am again in the Caribbean, hopefully I will be back soon.

But one of the things that I wanted to get out there was some of the new things I have been working on with Sinn.

At the time we are really going out hardcore spreading the word at the different Lairs.
Next week we will be in Houston (I just did a talk there a month or so back) but this time we will be doing a series of workshops.
The easiest thing to attend will be the Lair talk.

It is Fri March 4th and if you are interested in it sign up here
It will be 2 hours with and Inner Game talk by Sinn and a Talk on Body Language and DHVing by me.

I will be in touch soon and post a bunch in the next few days.


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Brad said...

Hi, i'm currently starting up my blog again adventures-of-a-pua.com, would you be interested in linking to each other?