Friday, February 27, 2009

The Change is up to You-

So I got this comment on my blog from an old school PUA GoneSavage (GS) the other day...
He lives in Austin and I had met him at a Lair talk there over a year ago.

This started a flurry of emails back an forth. I will write more on him later,
but his emails made me think a lot about how the community in general.
There is one thing when you hear some good rehashed self-help from people and then when you hear it from people who have some real life experience.
GS has some major life experience...

I think that what is going to start happening here in the community is the full-of-shitness of most of the people out there is going to start taking a turn.
It is not about living a life where on the surface you look good and you're dead inside, it is about being YOURSELF in the BEST way.

The Change is up to YOU, for the past year and a half I have dedicated this blog to putting out whatever FREE information I can pump out there.
Yet there are tons and tons of people out there that still haven't taken that first step and committed themselves to it.

For instance I will go to Lair Talks across the country and it happens all the time, people will come up to me and they will say,
"I love your blog, I have read the whole thing"
but still they will ask me questions asking me about opening and transitioning.
I always answer their question, but it makes me think I write about that stuff a lot on my blog.

Don' t get me wrong, I love meeting people and I love teaching people who want to learn.

What is frustrating to me is that so many people in the community find it with this hope in their eye with the inspiration to change and they buy the Magic Pill, the Silver Bullet, the bullshit ebook, you sign up for a Workshop with some fuck-off kid that you're supposed to look up to, you do everything that he says, and still you are left in the community with the same things unfulfilled as when you came in. You can open and hook sets, but after a while the glitter fades.... a little bit unfulfilled is still unfulfilled.


There are a lot of reasons why, you can blame the Instructors you can Blame the products, You can Blame the Companies... but when it comes down to it you're the only one who can be responsible for YOUR RESULTS.
You have got to take action!
The information is out there and available. You can find it FREE online. The problem is that most of it is bullshit, and a lot of it conflicts.

What you need to do is start on a consistent Plan of Action.

From my experience the people who get results are people who act. This is not people who read every game article that they can, it is not the people who buy every product out there, change come for those who take ACTION!

Everyone I know out there has been at a tipping point, you can be at one now...
if you're ready, make sure that you are ON THE LIST.
This weekend my Audio Page will be up and running with some Immediate Resources that you can put to use right away.

What I am more excited about other than just the audio, is the amount of New and Free information I am going to be putting out this month.

If you seriously want a path to Change your LIFE and not make Excuses for who you are today, then stay in contact...GET ON MY LIST
As you know the answer is never far away, you just have to learn to walk in a different direction.


von said...

Its what capt jack says. Girls are out to get laid and guys are worried about weather the've perfectly opened and hooked.

Sandros said...

Yea, Its very true dude...

Is frustrating when things arent working and you are looking to fix it or unaware of what you are doing wrong that you aren't geting the results that you want...

Theres good info and terribly unrealistic bad info out there..
luckily for many of us readers of your Blog are fortunate to find this Great stuff to offer...

yet the in between stuff and consistency to apply it can be different depending on how one can understand the info and when to apply it and be "microcalibrated" thats th term Ive been listening in my head..and you are Good at Teaching personally to help students understand.

We put excuses to put it off for awhile but we have to balance it and see it as a skillset that we can get better..and you are offering Help.

Thanks for the motivation and being able to offer Help to those who really want it.