Thursday, February 19, 2009

theREDstack Full Payment

This is to get you started on theREDstack Full PAYMENT Plan.

theREDstack is a 6-8 week plan where I work with you Personally to Personalize Game just for you!

It is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to Learn Game.
Only 6 guys a Month will be admitted into this program. Lock in Your Spot Below!

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Rick said...

This comment may be a little off topic... What the hell I’ll share it here anyway… I remember a number of years ago there was a guy at where I worked... He was mentally challenged is the "PC" way of saying it or mentally retarded although functional enough to do the simple manual work he was hired to do. Most people never noticed him… YET, he had a very cool way he could calibrate to people and what they felt and he wasn't hung up with sharing what he noticed... I think what I learned back then and what I would have never noticed if I place that person on a higher or lower value... actually rocks a number of inner and outer game frames… Anyway, back to the normally scheduled program... LOL