Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Shit

So busy busy month and I swear to god there are some awesome changes coming to this bog and what I put out there.

For now I wanted to dump my mind out on the World Wide Web...

First off I wanted to comment on this one girl with a blog comments on my blog
It is always good shit. She made a 400 Blows reference, if she means the Truffaut film that completely turned the film world upside down in 1959 then that would make her even cooler. My favorite part of that movie is when the guy asks Antoine Doinel which hand, and then as he gets slapped, he is completely nonreactive as if the abuse is just something normal in his life. In some ways you could start film history with that movie, although I think the movies before it should never be overlooked

Second- Anyone who has gotten a stack with the past 2 months and anyone who is waiting for a stack I want to hear from you. Email me. ASAP

Third- It is good to be back in Dallas. I actually missed hanging out with all my stripper friends there. There is noting like having a small harem to come home to. Although more and more I am turning into that picture with Charles Bukowski with women lying around him. Kind of lazy...don't get stagnant...go out there and get is an adventure. Plus for the most part Bukowski was more monogamous than people led on to.

Forth-I just spent about 2 hours looking for this video on YouTube only to find it was removed, but I did find it on something else. It is a song by the Walkmen but it is on the In Bruges soundtrack, which if you like theatre style dialog it is a great movie. Who knew...what's his name can actually act...

The Walkmen- Brandy Alexander

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MEGATRON said...

Cool song.

The lead singer sounds like a combination of bob dylan and lou reed. To me.