Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Things you NEED to Know to Blast into Rapport

Just like they always said their were ‘Attraction Switches’, I never knew why they never said their were ‘Comfort’ or ‘Seduction’ Switches?

One thing I will say is in the last version of theREDstack (going off the market in the next few weeks) I include Comfort and Seduction switches in there.

So for now I will give you some of the ways to get into comfort right when you’re stuck in a rut.

We’ve all been there… the conversation goes stale, you see here losing attention, you start getting reactive and soon enough, she has to ‘go to the bathroom’.
You’re left thinking… ‘what did id do wrong, what could I have done different? I had her and then I lost her.

So at moments like these, there are a bunch of things you can do.
What I am going to go over, is how you BLAST into Rapport.

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Let’s first go over some psychology-
No one really knows why certain elements of attraction are irresistible to our minds, but they are!
Things like Bait, and things like Compliance work so consistently is can be frightening.

Other than that, there are certain Psychological themes that are also IRRESISTIBLE to people out there, but geared towards Rapport/Comfort.

The Themes can be continuous using tactics from theREDstack, but for now let’s keep it simple with these-

-One’s Personality
-One’s Personal Identity
-One’s Sexuality
-One’s Passions
-One’s Family life

Alright so you might be thinking, ‘this is nothing new’ but keep reading…
I will show you how to turn these into conversational pieces that will completely rework your interactions so that they will go from meet to bedroom in NEXT to NO TIME!

So let’s start with someone’s Personality-
No matter how confident someone may be, or how much they show that they are proud of who they are their Personality is left completely up to interpretation to the world they interact with.
You can use Negs/Teases to their personality by saying-
‘You know what I can tell you’re trouble, any girl that is that quick to judge I don’t know if I can talk to, besides, I bet you got better secrets than me to keep hidden…’
See this neg/tease actually brings up some frames too, notice if you can see how that works and you’ll be 2 steps ahead.

Now let’s explore one’s Personal Identity-
This is something so deep within us pretty much everyone will react to it. People fight wars over stuff like this. One’s Personal Identity is something which is way beyond what we could ever ask for. So you have got to be careful with it, this stuff is like dynamite!
So what we can do is use a Qualifier to bring up their Personal Identity, now when I mean Qualify I am meaning to challenge them-
“So I hate to interrupt you, but you looked like you were kind of out of it, are you someone who is never happy with what they end up with?”
The really important thing will come when you actually follow up with this qualifier, but more on that in a second.

Now for one of the real big ones…Sexual Identity.
This is everyone’s favorite and the one that everyone is afraid of.
I am sure you have issues about sex, that make you feel unworthy, women do too…all of them, especially the better looking ones, more on that later.
So when we are stuck, what we can say is…
“Ok you are totally a girl that, has trouble keeping a guy occupied, I mean people think you’re attractive, but once they actually are intimate with you things go south…”
This of course is alluding sex, they will definitely get it. But be careful, they are going to react, the goal is not to break them down, but to reframe them! Your next step is for you to define them sexually.

One’s Passions have always been a topic for people out there.
What people are passionate about is huge in how they can be influenced.

Just think if you have a conversation with someone and in 5 mins of knowing them you have their passions alligned with their sexual identity...this is what theREDstack does. Then what theREDstack does is it turns those passions into being the perfect match for you.

For now, here is step 1
Let me show you a new take on an old qualifier…
“If there was one thing in the world that you could do without any fear of failure, what would it be?”
(they think for a moment, and before they can really answer, you interrupt)
“Ok I can tell already, you are really someone that is a bad question to bring that up to cause you think way too much, but the reason why that is, is cause you have a lot of different thing you’re passionate about right?”

So you are kind of double hooking here. You are also beginning to frame here. You can frame even harder if you want.

One’s Family is something that I used to use for getting to comfort with pretty much every one, and I still do. I do this cause it WORKS!
Everyone has a family (good or bad) that defines them, but let’s start with a pretty cool little cold read ladder…
“You know what I can tell you are a girl that can start a lot of things that you don’t finish, you know how I know that right?”
(answer or comply)
“Cause you are used to getting too many things your way, that means you have father issues…”
(pretty much every girl does, she might argue, but it will be rare and if she does you can just say, “No, I know, but it is your confidence that I makes me say that”)
“So don’t tell me you have some hidden tattoo somewhere??? No but really I can tell you can like a lot of attention, but it just has to be given right…”

This has cold reads leading up to a definition. These are the best kinds.
Pretty much the definition at the end is the effective ingredient at the end.

In any case, that’s all for now!

If you like what you see, make sure you’re on my list and if you need theREDstack there are only a few days left!!!!

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