Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from Vegas, my Students RULE!

So I have just gotten back from Mehow's Super Conference and a few 1-on-1's in Vegas.

Obviously if you are on my list you know of (Hammer) my student's success in Las Vegas-if not CLICK HERE to read the LR.
It is an Awesome LR....long and funny...and very true, from what I remember seeing.

But something else crazy happened,
You always hear me talking about Algasm, but my Friend RED showed up in LAS VEGAS on Mon.

In Nov RED hired me for a 1-on-1 in Austin, TX.

RED and I go way back, RED actually has one of the first 10 stacks I ever made...
RED has had sometime to hone the skills I taught him and add some stuff too.

I don't know many people that can keep up with Algasm's sexuality, but RED can.
So last night we were all in Vegas...
We met up with RED late in the night.
Here's what went down,

1st set
2 Israel Girls...Israelis are cake for me now. Push them sexually, they respond to the challenge. RED doesn't hook so he bails, and I am on my 7th night out in a row, so I go with him.

2nd set
And English girl we pull in as we sit against the wall (I know boring, but sitting against a wall actually gets you laid). RED is going in and out with her, but she is definitely sexually responsive. She leaves, but I run her down and Isolate her. I spike her up, and leave her to go meet up with RED and Algasm again.

3erd set
I missed this one, when I was with the English chick. But she came back around, I guess RED hooked her in and let her go...I assume to game later.

4th set
We pull in a girl, who is with her friend. I can tell also she is sexually responsive RED can too...she bounces in-between all three of us, RED, Algasm and me, then RED pulls her slightly to the side. Her friend starts talking to Algasm and I. In about 2 mins, RED turns to us and says...'Bye'
The girl and her friend talk for about 30 seconds, and RED pulls the girl.

I occupy the friend for about 2 mins and then she leaves to find RED's woman.

So we were at the club for prob 30mins, and RED pulled this girl after 3 to 5 mins after the opening.

All I have to say is WTF!
People get laid quick, and a lot of us have, but Both RED and Hammer getting lays in under 15mins....all I have to say is GO SEXUAL!

There is no doubt, my students would kick most PUA Instructor's ASSES!

I will write more about the Super Con...but I will leave you with this!
Hypnotica is the real deal!

and a song from the Double L Archives!


Erika said...

Under 15 minutes, pretty impressive mate. I wish I'd had the chance to see you in action.

Ali said...

what does sitting against the wall mean? Is that like sitting on the floor against the wall?

SMoKeLioN said...


Depending on the pussy, I might only need 3.

(aka RED)

Marquis de Sade said...

RED, I think Erika likes to watch...

I need to get back in the 'Sanctuary' and get back to posting....

Seems I'm not the only one seeing action lately. Must be something in the water...or semen.

SMoKeLioN said...


Im surprised I even get laid with how I look and what I say.

my new pickup ideas = intense, anti-social behavior

I was in Guess? this afternoon picking out jeans so I didnt have to do laundry, and an awesome thing happened. While talking to the sales girl I relfexively rock'd in and started moving my arm to touch her around the waist... I managed to catch myself and stop.

After I tried the jeans on I let her know that there wasnt enough room in them. Now that I think about it, trying on tight jeans with no underwear seems like a great way to meet jean store girls. I'll add it to my list of prototypes.

PS anyone in vegas, body english / hard rock on sunday is TERRIBLE unless you like hookers, fat girls, pimps, and 6'5 fat men.

Benedict Smith said...

does pulling chicks in places like Vegas/Cancun or on Spring Break count as proof/validation of game?