Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let the FREE Audio come on IN! NEW BLOG and WEBSITE!

Hey guys,

So this Blog is transferring over to my new fancy Website!!!!

As I have said I have said, I have a TON of Audio and Video that I have been trying to organize...
It is like over 100 hours of Audio and about 20 hours of Video.
Anyone can help me with this, let me know.

But for now I will say this Thurs night I am going to start blasting my list with a lot of the Audio...
It is all badass FREE content. There is no Sales ladder or any bullshit like that.

The first one actually has to do with a friend of mine, Raj NYC, talking about a quick Day Game cold read ladder. It all gets broken down fro you to go out and apply right away!

On a separate note, I just got off a super long chat over Skype (and I don't chat) with a guy named Kid44. He runs a company called Pick Up Asia.
I have talked with him a little bit before, but not much. His students have always raved about him and one of the guys that used to work with him is a pretty good friend of mine.
the chat actually had to do with a lot about integrity in the community.

I would actually like to write about it more in the future. Maybe tomorrow when I have more time. the two of us come at this from some different angles but we both agree that the community gets abused like a motherfucker. This is about CHANGE guys, about EMPOWERMENT.

It is important to know what you want and it is important to be guided in that direction.
What I am offering in my teachings is not just how to get you laid...and I can show you that. My student history is proof of that. But what I am showing you, is how to live your life in a better way. To learn to know what you want, and get it in a healthy and empowering way. This is how I get the results I get and this is how I develop myself.

Remember I learn just as much from you, so stay in contact as my site moves over to theredmole.com

My email is still eltopoPUA@gmail.com and make sure you GET ON MY LIST to get the TON of FREE Audio coming your way...starting THURS!

One last thing...
Those interviews today, along with my personal path, and as well as the discussions I have had with a lot of instructors and students lately make me want to post about this. It is a little bit separate from Pick Up, but it has been a big part of my life.
In fact Doc Holiday told me last week that he was dropping out of the community and I said...'that is great, you shoudl go out and explore the country and see and meet all the people in the US and in the world'.

Now I hope you realize that I know Doc is a GREAT teacher and I was always encouraging for him to teach more and more. He has a talent for it. But also, life is NOT business and it is hard to find the balance of that (for myself daily) especially when you're 21. If you know him shoot him an email and wish him well...he is still a badass, and has an amazing life in front of him.

So this brings me to something I never really have talked about in my writing, but it sheds a huge light on the approach that I take in terms of teaching.

3 and a half years ago, I drove around the USA, interviewing over 70 people about American Culture. This was all inspired by 2 things, the book Ishmael (by Daniel Quinn) and a report by Robert Watson about human impact on the world.
I met all sorts of people, it was amazing.
It is a lot of footage (over 100 hours) and I will need to bombard YouTube with it at some point.

I asked these 6 questions to a ton of people....acedemics, conservatives, liberals, revolutionaries, communists, political celebrities, random civilians, criminals, scientists, and homeless folks....

-What is American Culture?
-What do you like about it?
-What do you dislike?
-How would you change those things?
-Where do you see us in 50 years?
-What gives you hope?

I had leaning views walking into it. I came out of it though with a different opinion. What I realized is how similar everyone is, and how we fill ourselves with bullshit to mask a lot of unhappiness.
One thing Kid44 and I were talking about was pretty much that...there is such an insecurity with people these days that we end up working for things that we don't want...probably because we don't know what we want.

We shape lives where what we live for has nothing to do with who we are and the potential we can be.

By far what impacted me the most were the interviews with average people and the homeless people. I was excited to talk to some of the authors I had read and I was excited to talk to some of the scientists, but I learned more from the people that put things simply.

In any case, here is a clip (from another documentary) of Daniel Quinn (who I became friends with in the process and who inspired me to do all this).

A lot of what we fill our lives with is bullshit to serve our fears and inhibitions. I am guilty of it too, but the community has a lot more of it than we acknowledge.

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mmapua said...

"The one thing that holds all of us back is some degree of self-doubt." (Kiyosaki, 1997)