Friday, August 24, 2007

Insights from a couch

So if there is one thing I like doing it is sitting on my ass.
But really I recommend it for everyone.

So this is day 2 of my vacation, and in all honesty all I want to do is go out and game.
As for yesterday, the HB I got in a food fight with, I finally laid her for real today.
So with that in mind I do have a sense of accomplishment right now.

But in all reality, there is so much new information coming out of the things Sinn, CJ, Future that I want to go out and do them.
For instance, Sinn pointed out to me that I need to start integrating my perverted texting into my club game.
Also some of the things that Shaft (Double D) and I have been going over is all too mentally entertaining, and have yet to try out in the field.

With the changes in 'the Model' that CJ has made blows all of pick up into a completely different dimension. Take that and add Sinn's insights to reverse engineering of it , and Future's comfort game, and yes I want to go out and put my own field spin on it.

But here's the new thing kicking around in my head...

You take the idea of pick up.
It is such an attractive thing for a guy to want. You can have any girl you want, you can have multiple girls, want want want...
But I have yet to see a PUA that in 100%.
But even with that in mind, I am sure every human being out there is 100% capable of being attracted and seduced.
So why can't someone be 100%?
Well I figure it's because people are different, but really are we.
Yes, I know we are all individuals, but when you really breakdown all the stuff that pick up is based on, it makes you wonder.

An interesting thing about human socialization and psychology is that we evolved socially.
Human beings are fairly inferior biological beings.
To briefly make my point, humans were never physically dominate in the biological realm.
We can not physically hunt as a lion does (as well as most other meat-eating animals) . We needed the aid of tools.
We have bodies that are less efficient. A baby takes 2 to 3 years to be able to have any chance of survival outside of other humans. Also our bodies are much weaker than other 4 legged animals.
We survived by having people around. That was our advantage. Any animal that has a pack mentality has complex social interactions, dolphins, wolves, monkeys...

But it seems that the less physically capable, the more socially talented a biological being is.

And before I start talking heavily about all this, let me make my point.
We evolved to be social. And there are amazing social consistencies. I won't deny that they can be very complex, but just like a wolf pack's interactions can be predicted human interactions can be too.

I love society and I love the individual, but if one were to take a step back and look at humanity from a distance a biological beings it is fairly easy to see the same things over and over again.

In other words, society can be engineered.
It is a matter of figuring that out.

Politicians have been trying to figure this out forever. And they are good at it.
But one of the main differences in it all is managing 1000 people is just that it is managing them. In fact the Greek's (mainly Plato) theory of Democracy was only to encompass 100,000 people, after numbers larger than that Democracy divides too much into a class war.
You can find consistencies in population density quite easily.
Groups of 1000, groups of 100, groups of 1o

But in terms of pick up, you're dealing with groups of 2.
It is mainly an interaction between 2 people. At the first 2-3 mins, you might be dealing with more than that, but your goal is to isolate.

And after that the structure on a social interaction gets easier and complex all at once.
And in that is just what we have all been working on.

We all give credit to our forefathers of pick up in mapping out the initial interaction, but the new breed is trying to draw that map in a little more detail.

(comfort is no longer 'babysitting')

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