Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lessons in Mastery!

With a title like this I feel I should slap my chest and listen to Antony Robbins tapes.
But we all know the truth about him. He is a sick man, with a copper imbalance. Yes it is true, a student from Australia told me so!

I like this when it is late at night and I have nothing to do but rant.
Of course I am in the business of it being late at night while my dick is being shoved inside some girl’s tight pussy, but tonight is my day off.

Besides tonight I got to sit down with one of the wisest men I know.
It is the infamous pimp slim.
One of the most interesting things about this guy is he is one of the better people I know, and he’s a pimp. That means there is either something wrong with his pimping, or there is something wrong with my moral barometer.
We’ll go with the latter on that one.

But really, always an insight after talking with him, really…
When I met up with him tonight, I was really tired.

There has been nothing but pick for me in the past two months.
I am not complaining, I am just saying it can be quite hard to be yourself your feet don’t have roots to fit in sometimes.

So I was happy to see him. He always like to hear about my pick up stories.
And is always impressed at the folks I go out with’s ability to pull ass so easily.
Although we come from different backgrounds, we both understand how the game is played.

Whenever I have a new theory about stuff, or have recently field tested something I run it by him.
This time was something in the evolution of SNL material.
The thing with SNLs is that they are Captain Jack’s domain, but from what I understand, it was like the 4 min mile. Once people realized they could be done and there was a system that could be repeatable and taught, it seems like anyone can do ‘em.
So now that CJ and Sinn have come up with solid ground for them it is something that is tinkered with.

One thing is for certain, the discipline of an evolved routine stack needs to be put into place.
So I have developed a few pretty solid ones that I wanted to bounce of Pimp Slim.

Here’s the thing with them, integrate as many attraction switches, and sexual allusions within the first few mins of interaction.
That means refine your openers and transitions to show, leader of men, protector of loved ones, pre-selected by women and so on…
And then to also be immediately sexual.
Now if any of you have read my posts, you know the can be pretty vulgar. But really when I am opening a set anything I bring up sexual is said normally.
It is not vulgar in tone at all.

But to Pimp Slim’s side of things, he says (and I quote),
“it ain’t what you say, but once the bitches smell that sex sweatin’ off you, they know there is only one reason they talkin’ to you.”

Now here is where you have to be careful… if you approach too sexual, you can get bow out fairly easily, unless you’re Pimp Slim of course. So you have got to sneak up on it.
One of the most important things I have noticed though, is that once you get a girl to accept sexuality in a conversation, it doesn’t go away.

Well that’s enough for now.
I need to sleep and incubate my loins…

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Memphis said...

I thought Antony Robbins was suffering from gigantism? Hmmm... I guess that gives new meaning to the tape, "Awaken the giant within you."