Friday, March 14, 2008

The Ebb and Flow of being a PUA

So I know I have been away for a while ,
Not really an excuse for it other than working all the time.

I thought a week off would do me some good, but it just left me backed up!

So for the past week I got to say has been a great one.
Mainly because of yesterday.

One of the things about the Dallas scene is that some of my best friends come out of the community.
There is Sinn, CJ, Shaft, Fidelio...
So last night a bunch of us met up as we always do.

In fact there is a Podcast going up in the next day or so of CJ and myself...there were a lot of outtakes, I am wondering if I should just put em all up and say 'fuck it' or cut em out.

Also CJ is doing another one with me breaking down frames later in the week.

And there is a Podcast of myself and The California Pimp and Pimp Z coming up too.

To hear them sign up at

Shaft, Fidelio and I meet quite a bit, but it is rare when we all meet together.
This time it was a bit different, because Sinn was out of town, but Boom came up form Austin.
The thing is that every time we all get together we can really bounce stuff off each other in a unique way.

For instance, Fidelio is one of the wisest and funniest guys out there.
He and I talk a lot, pretty much every idea I have with game I can bounce off him. There are very few people, especially in the community that have the life experience and the wisdom that he offers. The other thing too is that you won't stop laughing. It actually gets kind of hard to communicate, when he is knocking all my Vegan and Homeless friends in funky town.

Shaft you my know about subpersonalities, but his real gem of a trait is to be able to communicate in such a diplomatic way.
Nothing is ever confusing with Shaft, he can make sense out of you needing to eat your own toe nail fungus in order to have the worms grow in your intestines, because they are actually better pets than dogs. Now Shaft is not as demented as me, but if i had his skills, that is what I would do with them.

Captain Jack, although he writes a shitload and has influenced my game and life in so many ways actually rarely sheds light on his new ideas.
So this time he shed a lot of light opn some of his new ideas.

First off one of the things we started talking about was all of our theoretical ideas.
But the one thing that keep coming up was that there is a huge need for any PUA to get good you need to be able to game and be your own PUA leader.
You need to be the one to carry the torch.

The things is that there is no place like Dallas right now where there is such an evolution of game. And what we all talked about, in what makes us different than other guys we know is this...

1. We were able to Throw Ourselves into the Fire. When we first learned this stuff, all of us went completely committed to it. We never sat back to argue about theory we (did that later), we all went for it. We also fucked up a lot, but we went for it!

2. We were all self critical. I can remember a time when I started teaching that Sinn told me usually when a new coach working under him thinks he is better than he is he actually won't succeed in the upper levels of game. But when he actually thinks he has room to grow he will actually get better and better.
The thing with this is all of us know what we are good at and know what we are bad at. And we all realize that there is so much more to learn in all of this that we are always trying to push it further. And the funny thing is, that now things are completely different from how we learned them. It doesn't matter how good you get at something, you shoudl always have a long way to go, growth-wise... ALWAYS

3. Being curious. This is probably one of the most important things to have. You need to always know there is way more to be learned. We all actually love this part of it.
We all love to think of new things and also implement them. We love it so much that we actually don't have a problem with fucking up our game in order to figure a new thing out.
In fact one thing I have always seen with all of us, is that we fuck up a lot when we are experimenting. I mean we will go through huge slumps in order to get something down.
The best example of this is CJ.
He will try and figure out a new approach and a new angle and will hit speed bumps for a month or so. I will start getting in my head, how he is slacking... and then out of nowhere he will smoke us all.
I mean when he starts to click at whatever he has been working on, there is literally nothing like it. No one can really compete.

4. One thing at a time. All of us love to do so many things and get good at all of them, but the best way to not accomplish any of the many things we love, it try and doing them all at once. So when you are gaming and looking at stuff to improve, as I am always trying to do, pick one thing to get down. Don't try and get it all down at once. Remember it is lifestyle not, a masquerade of stereotypes you're trying to perfect. Pick one thing, and get it down, before you move onto the next.

5. We all know when to live life and when to game.
Lifestyle is what makes all this work. this is the goal. We may be know as PUAs online, but we are humans in the real world.
We know when to push and when to pull.
That is part of the reason why we changed game so much.
Sadly most predominant theories on game revolve around changing your image, building up a false one to be attractive. We pull it off in being ourselves. Now we are not trying to be naturals, we are very structured, but we do it to be ourselves in the best sort of way.
Our main tool isn't being in State, it is about using what we learned way back when and are figuring out to pull this off.

Attraction isn't a series of steps that start and stop in an interaction, Attraction is an attitude that gains momentum in a strategic that opens the door for seduction.

Stay tuned a bunch of Audio goes up this week!
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