Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heading to Florida

So guys I have been busy with a whole bunch of stuff
but here is what I will be up to for the next few weeks...

On March 20th I will be speaking in Indiana at the Lair up there!

And then on

On March 21st I will be in Florida with Sinn at the TopLair doing a talk on Body Language and 
Sinn will be doing a talk on Inner Game and his Journey through all of this.

It is one of the best talks I have seen, and I am not sure why he limits it to Inner Game alone, but that is what he calls it.
A lot of people ask me about body language and in Boston I actually did an entire talk on it in Dec.  It is actually one of my biggest things I harp on when working with someone.
To sign up for the talk
head this way and you can take care of all the arrangements.

Also I will be doing a Seminar on Building theREDstack and Sinn will be holding workshops as well.

I invite everybody to come out and join us, it should be a blast.
I actually have a lot of friends out there in Florida, all over the state. 
I will be traveling all around there when I am in Orlando.

I am going to try and hit a bunch of my buddies in Gainesville, Tampa and Pensacola while up there.
It is too bad Fidelio won't be there to make fun of my Vegan friends in Florida as well.

Then I will be back in Trinidad!


Joey Cash said...

Yeah, man, this is going to be a blast.


Roxis said...

Sucks I couldn't show up. I'll see you in time, till then I'll be up your ass asking questions.