Thursday, March 20, 2008

El Topo on Pick Up Podcast!

Hey Guys,

So AJ and Jordan interviewed me
last week and here it is!

El Topo PPC

Listen and love it... or hate it!
As Dante told me, I sound like a guy who thinks about this stuff way too much.

I figure that is a good things, but who likes their own voice.

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CJ and I just recorded a badass one on Frames 2 days ago.
Not up yet, but he breaks down EVERYTHING! Nearly 2 hours long!!!!!

But take a listen and let me know what you think!




Evolpha said...

You Dallas guys are ridiculous.

I think a lot of what you talked about was a bit above my head... but it was still cool hearing about it (the frames podcast with CJ).

It's really cool that you do custom routine stacks because a lot of guys know they are a great guy on the inside but have a hard time projecting that. When you give a guy a custom routine stack, and you know what works, its really cool because it helps display that part of his personality that has a lot of value to give. I think it's a great idea unlike the other guys.

It gets what you want, thats a major goal a lot of aspiring-PUAs have yet to answer. It shows off your "best-self". It is totally congruent to who you are. I'd like to see that primer that was talked about, that'd be cool.

Paul said...

Yo, El Topo

I heard your podcast with pickuppodcast and thanks for going on there and offering value to the community.

Is it just me or does one of these dudes talk way too much sh*t?

Anyway, thanks again, man.

One love,


dissolve said...

Cool to hear some of your viewpoints and the "Dallas Got Next"-style. ;)

Man those guys have really got to decide if they're gonna do interviews (and learn how to do an effective interview) or just promote their company and call it an "interview".